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P1030226After getting started on the hat knitting for the shop, I just cast on for a hat for myself, using the (free) Rikke pattern. (I could have shown you a photo with more progress than just one row, but it’s getting dark so very early suddenly!)
This afternoon I had some rare child-free time which I put to good use by learning how to do the Twisted German cast-on. Being German, it appears, is of no advantage at all when trying to work this one out!
Thank goodness there is youtube. That, and letting my fingers memorize the movements rather than trying to over-think it all.
Reading: Recipe books. Preferably comfort food, preferably of the baked kind. Hmmm…


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We started the weekend with errands in town, sending off parcels, stocking up on books at the library. An afternoon spent walking, the boys scooting – now that the little one has started whizzing around as well!
We listened to the quiet, just the birds singing, found our first conker (and the second, third, twenty-fifth…).
Despite the mild weather, autumn seems to be truly on its way now.
Sunday was spent with friends. An Indian take-away in the evening, and even some knitting time during the car journeys, what else can you wish for.

Weekending with Karen. I hope yours treated you well.

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This Moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour and remember.


* I’ve been playing with shells again today.
These are just a few of the ones we brought back from Turkey. They live in a glass jar and every now and then one of us tips them out on the window sill.
A lovely reminder of summer – we still have summery weather here, albeit the English version, not as hot as Turkey, obviously!
Today, as I spotted the first chocolate Father Christmases in the supermarket (gah!) and quickly turned away, I actually found myself looking forward to sweater weather.
Tea and cake and woolly socks.
But until then, I shall play with memories of summer just a little bit more. 

A happy and playful weekend to all of you..

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Yarn Along


I have several projects on the go, and I would get more work done on them if I didn’t spend so much time thinking about what all else I’d like to knit!
The big shawl is nearing completion – but the rows are so long, maybe it’s not actually that near…
I officially opened hat knitting season with some chunky soft cotton (also good to compensate for too many long rows in fingering weight yarn).
And lastly, that pink and yellow Noro yarn has been sitting in my basket for years (that’s not even a figure of speech), so now it is going to become a cardie for my littlest niece!

I just finished reading The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern. (Trying to link this to amazon keeps causing my internet to freeze, which is why I didn’t manage to post yesterday – so I’ve given up trying.)
I must say, this book really grew on me! I’m all book-less now. Good thing I can go round everyone’s Yarn Along for new ideas. What is your favourite read at the moment?

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20140907_173513We are having a bit of an Indian Summer here – which doesn’t prevent me from spending too much time on Ravelry, perusing patterns for woolly hats, jumpers and shawls. The (wish) list is a long one, autumn is coming sooner or later!
After being poorly for a couple of days, the little people are up and running again (literally). The big boy and I spent some of Sunday at a birthday party in an indoor playground. He was happy, but I was suffering from the heat and the noise, so afterwards we had to go out for a walk and a picnic. Phew.

I hope your week began with some sunshine and a little breeze as well.


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This Moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words* – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour and remember.


* A moment not from this week but last – trying to hold on to the memory of sun, air, water and sand for a little while longer..

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Yarn Along


Whoops, is it Thursday already? Missed the Yarn Along day? Oh dear. It must be one of those weeks..
My knitting involves a lot of tangled yarn and garter stitch. And it’s a present. I’ve started my Christmas knitting (September is the official start of Christmas gift knitting season, in case you didn’t know. Although I admit that this is not my first project, this year I started early!).
My head (and my ravelry queue) are full of ideas for more of this kind; I wonder if there will be enough time? It’s always like that, isn’t it.
I am reading The Time of My Life, spontaneously plucked from the library shelf. It is about a woman who is a bit stuck in a rut, and her life summons her for an appointment. Sounds a bit weird? It is, but the rest of the story is less surreal – I’m keeping an open mind.


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