This Moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour and remember.


A warm and peaceful 4th Advent weekend, all.

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P1040983I hope you all had a good third Advent weekend!
Can you believe it’s already more than halfway – I always feel the second half of Advent goes so much quicker than the first.

We had wintery walks, putting up a wreath on our door and mistletoe in the doorway, Sunday roast, a fire in the evening, and even a night out for this Mama!

I sent off our parcels to family and friends last week, and the last custom orders for the shop are going out now.
The last day for posting things (within the UK) in time for Christmas is Saturday, so if you are still looking for a Christmas treat for a loved one or yourself, please remember to order by Friday.
Click here to see the Stitch and Purl Etsy shop.


Weekending with Karen.


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Yarn Along


After finishing the lovely Merino Bobble Hat, I immediately cast on the first of the boys’ chunky vests. I better knit slowly, they are the last thing on the Christmas list!

Instead of reading (for lack of progress) I thought I’d share some of our listening with you. During Advent, we listen to a lot more music than any other time of year. These are our favourites:
Carols from King’s is a CD that could run here all day. It is beautiful and quiet(er) choir music and a firm favourite. Our particular CD is not available anymore, but there are lots of newer ones, like like this one.
My mum gave us a Christmas CD by Johnny Cash a few years ago. Very popular with the littlest boys, of all people!
From my days of watching Ally McBeal comes A Very Ally Christmas. Robert Downey Jr. sings River. Do I need to say any more?
Celine Dion is not a singer I usually listen to (probably due to an overdose of Titanic once upon a time), but I quite like her for the Christmas spirit.
And for little people, German ones: Glitzerschnee und Koblauchpizza by Frederik Vahle. Love.

What are your favourite Christmas CDs? We’ve been listening to these for many years now and I think we might invest in a new one for a bit of a change.

And for singing yourself, The Oxford Book of Carols gets a lot of use around here!

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Test Knitting



I was recently contacted by a lady from Australia, asking if I would test the Australian Superfine Merino yarn by Cleckheaton. Why yes, I don’t mind if I do!

The yarn arrived super quickly, packed up in a little cotton string bag, and with a bobble hat pattern included.
The DK weight balls are a generous 65g and have the tag attached with a little woven clothes label, a nice touch. The merino yarn is lovely and soft with a good stitch definition and knits up very nicely. I really enjoyed using it.
I received the yarn in pink and aqua, just perfect for a little lady I’d been meaning to knit a hat for.
It was this pattern that came with the yarn (available for free), but I adapted it for a smaller head. More notes on Ravelry.

We especially went and bought a proper pompom maker – no more fiddly cardboard circles for me! I think this produced the most amazingly fluffy pompom ever. It also produced a bit of a pompom making craze around here.
Now the big boy has requested a hat just like that in yellow and black. With a big pompom, of course.

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P1040822This weekend, we lit the second candle. A happy 2nd Advent weekend to you!
St Nicholas came on Saturday and filled the boys’ boots with nuts and clementines, a little chocolate and a new woolly hat.
A lady in town asked, “Did your mum knit that hat for you?” – “No, St Nicholas did!”.

We baked four trays of biscuits, trying out new recipes – chocolate and mint and these, after a friend gave me a cookie stamp for my birthday! (Both recipes are in German.)
The boys busied themselves in the kitchen while I mixed dough, one cracking nuts, the other peeling a pile of clementines. That is, until the little boy got his hands on a bottle of yellow food colouring. What can I say. The floor looks ok, but he still has a bit of a yellow tinge.

I spent a late night finishing up a few more Christmassy gnomes for the shop. They will be available shortly. Just a few more custom orders left now.

I attempted to have a pyjama day today, something I never do.
It only took me until lunchtime to buckle under the peer pressure (“Mama, why are you still not dressed?!”). Also, the weather has brightened up and won’t give me enough excuse anymore to stay inside all day and eat cookies.
So instead I think we might go outside and eat cookies. Somebody has to!

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This Moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour and remember.


A happy second Advent weekend, all.

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Yarn Along


After not knitting a stitch for about two weeks, I am slowly catching up now.
This year’s Christmas hat of choice is Barley, and I am on the last one of five. Such a lovely knit.
I am also planning a little Cool Wool Hat for a very special little lady, and a pair of chunky vests for my boys.
I am rather glad I started early on the bigger projects this year. Only chunky knits to be cast on from hereon in!

I am still (yes, still!) reading The Night Circus. Despite the slow progress, I think this might fast be becoming one of my favourite books.
I wish I had a whole weekend of just reading time – but then again, I don’t really want it to finish.

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