Yarn Along


The season of secretive knitting has begun, where Yarn Along posts have to remain somewhat mysterious in case the recipient reads along. So there is some gift knitting on the needles – this one is a big project and almost finished. I am looking at some smaller, quicker projects for afterwards.
A few small grown-up, and one little girl’s gift knits are still on my list.
The little boy wants a bobble hat, in orange. And both of my boys could use a woolly vest now that the temperature has dropped so much.  A little yarn order might be in order!
Oh, and there is also another Mystery Knit-Along starting on Friday, to accompany me through advent.
I started reading Leaving Time – I’m always up for a Jodi Picoult novel!

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In the Kitchen


I lost my cooking mojo a bit recently, but I stocked up on some good stuff and can feel it coming back.
I was given the Deliciously Ella book for my birthday, and finally started trying some new recipes. A delicious salad with lentils, courgette and mint is filling everyone’s lunch boxes today, yum!

The Mr brought back some quince from a trip to Turkey that was made into jam over the weekend, and I also used this idea for a lemon, ginger and honey cold remedy.
We’ve all been under the weather one way or another for the past few weeks, so it’s all warm tea and elderberry syrup for us. Hopefully we’ll be on the mend now in time for December (next week! Can you believe it?!)..

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Yarn Along


I am knitting another First Point of Libra (gift knitting time has officially begun!). Lovely and easy garter stitch rows, perfect movie knitting.

Reading (yes, actually reading): A Game for All the Family, a slightly creepy thriller by Sophie Hannah I find hard to put down. There is an exciting pile of books here waiting to be read, but this one needs to go back to the library at some point so it got priority.


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Hello, November

We’ve had a busy time with some family members off on travels, a lovely house guest, a birthday celebration, the end of the autumn holiday and starting to get back into our routines.
November arrived, shrouded in a thick fog, and it’s been grey and rainy all through its first week (we went up to the commons one day and watched the fog in the valley below, what a sea of clouds!).
In keeping with the weather, we began the weekend on the sofa with books, knitting and trying to get on top of that huge pile of laundry.
It has cleared up a bit this afternoon so waterproofs and wellie boots it is, for some fresh November air and puddle jumping.

I hope your November got off to a good start.

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Yarn Along


True to style, the Conscious jumper had its ends woven in and buttons attached in the early hours of one little guy’s birthday. I love how it turned out.
(Ravelry notes here.)

I picked up The One Plus One from the library and got stuck in.
It is half term holiday here now, so I am hoping for a bit of sofa time with a cuppa and reading time!

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Yarn Along


One sleeve to go on the little Conscious jumper – this one is a small enough project to keep in my bag and knit a row here and there, which I must, because there are only few days left to get it ready for one little guy’s birthday.
The shawl on the right sits in a bag next to the sofa for a bit of progress every evening (the rows are so much longer on this one!).
And I even read a book: Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen by Sophie Hannah. It’s a short ‘quick read’ that was finished in a weekend, and not quite as gruesome as her other books. I have a few more books waiting at the library, see what’s next.

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Pretty Windows


After a few late nights, some of fiddly cuts and sticky fingers, I am putting up a few seasonal window transparencies up in the Etsy shop today.
We love them around here, so they probably won’t be the last ones!

I hope you are having a good start to you week.

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