Yarn Along


This is the third First Point of Libra cast off – I don’t think I’ll be taking it off anytime soon!
Ravelry notes here.
That’s 2,079 m of stashed yarn knitted up since the beginning of the year, and I am still holding strong and haven’t bought any new yarn (although there is an Outlander mystery knit-along coming up in April that looks awfully tempting…).

Reading is slow and steady – one day I’m sure I am actually going to finish a book!


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Saturday Apple Cake


The other weekend I felt like apple cake. The good old fashioned kind, no frills. I couldn’t find a recipe I liked, so I texted my mum, and quickly got a photo from her hand written recipe book back.
Just what I’d been looking for.
So if you ever feel like apple cake, here is the recipe with a few tweaks:

Saturday Apple Cake

125g butter
100g sugar
2 eggs
a bit of lemon zest and a squeeze of juice
200g self raising flour
1-4 tbsp milk

Beat butter and sugar, then add the eggs and lemon. Fold in the flour. If it needs a bit of liquid, add some milk. Put into a greased round cake tin.
Peel and quarter your apples, cut the tops a few times and arrange on top of the batter (I needed about 5 apples to cover the cake).

Bake at 180ºC/ Gas 4 for 35 minutes.


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Yarn Along


I cast on another First Point of Libra (no.1, no.2). This one is for me!
The colours are inspired by a jacket I own; navy blue with a red zip. The navy blue is a bit darker even than it shows in the picture.
I bought the set of gradients from fivemoons at last year’s Bristol Wool Fair. The colourway is called “summer fruits” and blends together so well.
I am a little bit concerned about the whereabouts of the fifth, lightest red little ball of yarn being currently unknown. I hope I will have found it by the time I need it again – most likely behind the sofa, or in one of the boys’ treasure collections.

Reading The Silkworm, an easy going read after finishing The Outcast, which was hard to put down but so sad (with a good end too though)!

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The Week That Was


This week went by so quickly. There was a poorly boy, a lot of broken sleep and early nights, never quite catching up. Appointments cancelled, commitments negotiated.
There was rain and cold, and glorious sunshine and – cold.
An emergency pair of new gloves purchased for little red fingers, after only left gloves were to be found in the basket downstairs.
We made it to Saturday, grateful for the weekend and a pyjama day for the little people.
A morning of pottering about, a bit of decluttering, and baking cake (I sense a new tradition emerging. Saturday cakes – that sounds good to me!). A Sunday with nothing planned but nourishment, food and stories, and a week of school holidays ahead.
And breathe.

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Yarn Along


Knitting: Thrifty, by Kelly Brooker, in Drops Nepal.
This red version is for the big boy and I’m now just about to finish the front shaping. After that, only the applied icord edging is left to do.
The little boy’s orange version is already finished (Ravelry notes here).
They chose the yarn for their vests some time before Christmas, but hopefully they still get some wear this winter. I am adding some extra length to both vests so, fingers crossed, they will still fit for the next cold season.

Reading: The Outcast by Sadie Jones, as per recommendation from my Dad. A dramatic start and so far a good read!
Also, the big boy and I read a chapter of The Seven-year-old Wonder Book every night. I wholeheartedly recommend this book; it’s a lovely combination of stories of a little girl and her life throughout her 6th year. She hears a fairy tale like story every day, and at the end of her day she leaves out her “Wonder Book” for the rhyme-elves to leave a picture and a poem over night. It is all very magical, and we both love this book. Sadly, we only have one or two chapters to go!


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This Moment

Inspired by Soulemama.


A bright and peaceful weekend to you all.

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Yarn Along


I knitted two bobble hats for myself, one Siksak and one improvised one, using that gorgeous chunky purple and blue yarn, hand dyed by Daisy at Devon Sun Yarns and a bit of light grey yarn leftover from other projects.
That’s me done for this winter (ignoring the fact that winter itself seems done for now, and all we have is mild air, grey skies and rain).
I also extended a pair of Kanoko pants (up on the left), that I must have knitted some six years ago, with some ribbing on the cuffs. They have a new lease of life, the little boy has a pair of snuggly pants to wear, and my stash is another 50g lighter.

I read The Husband’s Secret, which my online library catalogue recommended to me when I was searching for something else. It is a good novel, a bit of drama, suspense and crime, and an easy read.
I’ll be off to the library later this afternoon to re-stock on books, if only the rain would let up a little bit…

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