This Weekend: Clearing out

We’ve been doing some clearing out and cleaning up. What a glorious day it has been, perfect for just that.
I started with my workspace. With the house to myself, it had spilled from my desk to the whole little room upstairs, downstairs on the dining room table, the bookcase, on top of the bookcase… Amazing how things can spread so easily! I was getting a bit confused myself though, and it was time for a bit of sorting out and tidying up. I know, there is still that basket in there that I am too scared to touch. Never mind, one thing at a time.

We spent an afternoon outside raking up half a year worth of leaves (Kaya had just been practising on his scooter – we are not that Health & Safety obsessed that we make him wear a helmet for gardening).And finally treated ourselves to some yummy yogurt cake from Food From Many Greek Kitchens in an attempt to clean out the fridge and use up everything before it goes out of date.

Are you getting a good look at the special moon tonight? On the radio this morning they said it would be too cloudy to see anything, but here I am sitting getting a great look at the beautiful moon just outside my window.

I hope you are having a sun filled and wonderful weekend.



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