Shop Update

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to with my Etsy Shop. There has been a lot of stitching – as well as purling – and knitting – and activities that involved none of these but still produced something for the shop.
I have been knitting a number of spring cotton hats which has been really good fun. Just using the light yarn in lovely and fresh colours has brought an air of spring into my workspace.
But apart from little hats, there are a lot of other things up for sale now. You have seen bits and pieces of it here on the blog, like the Easter Egg Cosy Kits or the flower fairies. I’ve been doing my best to expand the range of products I am offering in the shop, to cater not just for children, but also for adults (who like to keep their seasonal corner up to date).
The number of categories of items in the shop has gone from two to eight in the past weeks. Here are some of the things that are currently in the shop:

  • Watermelon and Kiwi: one of the spring hats for little ones

  • Reversible Birthday / Creative Play Crowns

  • Organic Wool Felt Rattle Balls

  • Wooden Peg Flower Children

I love working with all those different materials, textures and colours, making all those unique different things, it keeps my creative juices flowing and I appreciate the gift each little treasure brings.

There is a new Flea & Crafts Market coming up near Swindon, where I am going to have my first ever stall – if you’re in the area, do pop over.
It’s by the Black Horse, a (from the looks of it) lovely country pub, in Upper Wanborough (SN4 0DQ), on Sunday 10th April, 10 am – 2 pm (there’ll be food, cakes and drinks too).

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