I’ve been knitting some tiny, tiny hats this week. I started because a few of my friends are expecting new arrivals in the next weeks and wasn’t going to make any for the shop. But as it goes, once you start something, it’s hard to stop. And they are tiny, these little hats!
I have always knitted gift hats from 3 months upwards – clever people size up, because the little ones grow so incredibly fast.
But as a matter of fact, each little one needs a hat that actually does fit to keep their heads warm. And there is something so special about that first hat.

This is the hat that my mum made for me when I was born, and I wore it on my first journey home from the hospital. She kept this hat for me, and years later, my son wore the very same hat on his first trip home. It’s a little treasure we keep and that will hopefully keep many more little heads warm. In the future, that is.

So once I had three newborn size “Homecoming Hats” ready and waiting for those babes, I made just a few more for the shop, to give, keep and pass on.

Another ‘keepsake’ we’ve been creating this week was a new footprint.
I made a couple of cards with Kaya’s footprint on when he was three months old. Two years ago, almost to the day. He recently found one of those cards in my drawer, so an update was in order!
I looked through most of our photos while looking for a picture of Kaya from around that time when we took his first footprint. Can you believe it, it’s only been two years, but so much to look back on already. How will it be when he’s 20?
This is what the little pumpkin looked like back then, in April 2009:

And this year, we used the biggest sheet of paper we had, and it was way too small for this big boy!
We used our regular watercolours; Kaya chose the violet colour. I painted his feet while he sat giggling on his highchair, and then popped him down on the paper. After a few prints he had a go at exploring paint, colour, brush and paper himself. The big clean up in the bathtub afterwards was just as much fun though, I can tell you!

Gee, this must be the longest post in this Blog’s history. Sorry to keep carrying on. See you on Friday for “This Moment” – no words there to make up for all the words here!

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