Planting some seeds

Traditionally, Good Friday seems to be the day for planting – in the Camphill where we used to live up until last summer we always had ‘Landwork’ on the schedule for that day. This year we are planning some planting too – we’ve just bought some sort of pop-up patio planter (not sure what the correct terminology is here). Our garden is quite hopeless in the planting area – last autumn it took me hours to get some flower bulbs in!

I recently learned that the area here used to be a quarry – which explains a lot.

So we’ve opted for an easier option. We are hoping to enlist Daddy’s help on Friday because frankly I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing with my tomato, lettuce and bean seeds (apart from writing little labels). He is the gardener in this family.

Until then Kaya and I are trying our luck with cress seeds – said to be foolproof. We ‘planted’ them yesterday in eggshells which we filled with cotton wool, watered and then drained off the excess water. Kaya had good fun heaping the seeds in. Ahem.
Already today we could see the little seeds opening up – how very exciting!
On the packet it says they need about a week, so we’re a little late for our Easter table, but since something is already happening I’m not too worried.

We even planted a few cucumber seeds in these little pellet things from the garden centre, which are really quite magical. I’ve never even seen them before – but then, that doesn’t mean much.
They are little flat pellets of soil in a tray, until you fill the tray with water and within a few minutes they grow and pop up into mini planting ‘pots’ with a neat little opening at the top for your seeds. They are now sitting on our window sill and we are waiting to see what will happen…

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4 Responses to Planting some seeds

  1. Diana says:

    It’s such a relief to know that someone else knows as little about gardening as I do πŸ™‚ But is also enthusiastic to try, as I am! Good luck with the planting. I love the little soil pellet thingies, when I first saw the photo’ I did think you’d been doing some baking with very dark chocolate though, decorated with a couple of edible seeds πŸ™‚ And…. the postie brought something very lovely indeed today – bless you Svenna xxx

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