Easter Eggs, Bunny and Bunting!

Yesterday we started the day with some bunting. Before we even got dressed. Quite normal, isn’t it? Although not strictly Easter, bunting is a very festive and generally happy decoration for any occasion, I think.
I’ve always found our front window a little boring and have been trying to find something to cheer it up with, which at the same time is toddler-proof enough to stay in place for a while. This morning inspiration struck, and I got out all the leftover bits from my first quilt, which were too small to do anything with, but I kept them anyway. Now I know why!

I enclosed the top edges of the triangles in bias binding and sewed it all together with a quick and easy zig zag stitch. I attached ribbon to the ends of the bunting to be able to tie it in place – voila. Makes me happy – and will hopefully make visitors feel welcome too.

Something more Easter-y, that made Kaya happy yesterday was this little bunny. I found a very clever tutorial on crafting these clever bunnies from baby socks here. I used a single toddler sock, so the bunny is somewhat taller than a baby sock one. I added a little nose, eyes and a tummy button (bunny essentials). Another little craft project finished before lunch.

I couldn’t take any proper photos of the bunny, because he had to accompany Kaya everywhere. He wouldn’t let bunny out of his sight. They ate, played, and slept togehter. Love at first sight, I’d say.

I wish though that Kaya had some more single socks…… He might have grown out of some of his socks by tomorrow, what do you think?

Later we finally got round to doing some Easter eggs. I didn’t want to end up with loads of blown-out egg insides, so I’ve been blowing out eggs whenever I used them in the kitchen (“You want scrambled egg? Hang on, let me just blow one out.”).
Kaya tried his luck as well.

The idea from doodling on the egg comes from this tutorial. For the other one I tried onion skin for the first time. In the past I’ve always used shop bought natural dyes, but this year I wanted to try doing it myself. I found some good tips here and here.

I used red onion skins for two eggs, one turned out amazing (see above), the other one didn’t look much different than before. Encouraged, I tried another badge with similar results. I’d wrapped onion skins around the blown out eggs and secured them with rubber bands the first time round, but the second time they wouldn’t stay on, so I sacrificed my only pair of nylon stockings.
Anyway, afterwards I realized I’d forgotten to add vinegar. Both times. I’m not sure what that means for my eggs, but I hope the good ones will stay nice and the not-so-exciting ones will get a second chance tomorrow with beetroots and vinegar!

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63 Responses to Easter Eggs, Bunny and Bunting!

  1. All this effort but no Hot Cross Buns ?

  2. Megan says:

    Love the bunny and the eggs!

  3. OK, now I feel totally inadequate (she types, while hiding the super-sized box of PAAS dye)…


  4. Eva McCane says:

    those eggs rock! I’m going to have to take a sharpie to an egg tomorrow and see what i can create.

  5. beckyspringer says:

    Cutest sock bunny ever!! I’ve tried the silk dying on the eggs and it just never works for me!! Have a great Easter!

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh, I love that little sock bunny!

  7. Modern Funk says:

    I want a bunny! I want a bunny!

    • Careful, you think you’re going to make one bunny – and then you can’t stop! (After already sneaking a pair of perfectly alright socks from my little one I went to the garage to get another pair of newborn size socks. They never stay on anyway, right?) Seriously addictive bunnies!!

  8. I did my own egg decorating this year–no dyes–only paint, but it was great fun. Congrats on being FP-ed. Hang on for the ride——————–

  9. Joshua says:

    Wow love the egg like the marble looking one I bet that took a long time to create.


  10. CrystalSpins says:

    Great projects all. We’ve never blown out eggs in our family. We always just hard-boiled then and then decorated them. Then after Easter we would have a very colorful egg salad. The onion-skin egg is beautiful.


  11. saltybi11 says:

    Nice Eggs!
    Happy Earth Day!

  12. Diana says:

    the onion skin one looks like it’s made of marble – gorgeous! lovely to see you on ‘front page’ xx

  13. mb says:

    That bunny is great! Congrats on being pressed.

  14. evajoy says:

    The bunny is cute. I can do some knitting so I might try this sometime. Thanks for the great post.

  15. I like your front window bunting idea….looks very nice and colourful!

  16. Great ideas, all. And to think I only used mismatched socks as dust rags!

    The photo at the table is so precious.

  17. harmonylael says:

    I LOVE the decoration you made for your window! and the eggs are so creative!)

  18. Love your bunny! It is so cute sticking out of your son’s pocket! hmmm single socks you say…….my daughter has a hole basket full of them….I see bunnies in my future!

  19. Sock bunny is so cute. Might just have to try that one!

  20. TweeCo says:

    Nice craftwork. the sock bunny is cute.

  21. Craig Thompson says:

    Wanted to let you know that I think your blog is a great and enjoy reading your articles.
    I also wanted to invite you to ping and tweet your blog for free with my website BlogBuzzer.com

    Craig Thompson

  22. What a sweet little bunny! I may try to make a few for my nieces 🙂

  23. rtcrita says:

    That sock bunny is adorable! And I really like your banner across the front window. What a good idea for fabric scraps–of which I have an abundance! Your child is very sweet and you seem like such a creative person. I am definitely going to subscribe to your blog and keep up with all your creations. I plan on checking out your etsy shop, too! Thanks for sharing your creations. 🙂

  24. Olivia K says:

    Very inspiring. I needed this today. Thanks for sharing and congrats on FP.

  25. Thank you so much for visiting, everyone, and your comments are all much appreciated! Happy Easter weekend! xx

  26. sannekurz says:

    Oh, makes me wish we had some more single socks!…off now to color some eggs in the garden!

  27. gokon says:

    haha i love your cute bunny!! so adorable!
    and happy easter!

  28. supersitepk says:

    The bunny so cute,good work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. gracefulmom says:

    You had me from the blog name. 🙂

    Wonderful post… beautiful projects! And now I must follow you.

  30. Signe says:

    Really nice Easter mood post! Coloring the eggs with oignon skins very big here in Latvia – really nice results and healthier as well 🙂

  31. Alive aLwaYs says:

    Nice work!

  32. whatsaysyou says:

    The bunny sock is cute and cool blog post

  33. The bunting, the adorable bunny so portable in his pocket and the eggs are wonderful. What a Happy Easter at your house! Thank you for sharing.

  34. jule1 says:

    That bunny is adorable!

  35. synbern says:

    Cute little toys.

  36. Happy Easter!!!! your stuff are so cute!!!!

  37. Az. SBSM says:

    Love it! I so enjoy finding crafty wordpress blogs they seem to be so few and far between and they almost never highlight them on Freshly Pressed, so to see 2 this past week is very exciting to me! Congrats on making front page and have a Happy Easter!


  38. littleowlski says:

    I’ve always wanted to try the eggblowing, but think I probably need to wait til I have kids! Perhaps if I said I was practising for that eventuality, I could get away with it… love the onion skin one! Emma x

  39. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    I love the way you painted the eggs. It is the tradition in my family to paint eggs on Good Friday. We hard-boil them before painting them so that we can eat them at the Sunday Easter meal 🙂

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  41. I think I still have headache from the last time I blew out eggs for Easter–quite a lot of lung power needed! I just love your adorable sock bunny and your eggs turned out beautifully, too! My daughters and I enjoyed crafting together when they were small. Very lovely blog. Happy Easter 🙂

  42. sufeiyasworld says:

    i love the hand crafts and dyeing eggs with onions
    sounds very interesting and healthy ( i always find myself eating it )
    looks like you had a wonderful easter!

  43. Greg Chumney says:

    I miss doing these simple crafts every once in a while; glad to see you found a way to make use of the triangles! I’m sure they would make anyone feel welcome!

  44. privategirlsau says:

    happy easter everybody!

  45. fionaqiqi says:

    pretty bunny, pretty baby, pretty eggs.

  46. mcbarlow5 says:

    These are too cool. I wish I was crafty!

  47. Alejandra says:

    I love the bunny.
    I am a bit old for toys, but I love making them!

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