From Seed to Salad

Remember these? We planted the cress seeds in the week before Easter, and have been watching them grow oh so quickly every day.
Yesterday was our big harvest day! We used the cress in a pasta salad that we had with barbeque – yummy!

Isn’t it amazing how much better food tastes when you’ve planted the seeds and watched it grow?

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6 Responses to From Seed to Salad

  1. linda says:

    Thats so fun! I love the little forest scene with the figurine. Where do you get seeds for these?

  2. mitambien says:

    I really like the way you capture the beauty of your life in your photos. They are warm and inviting.. (:

  3. i love your sprout scene ~ that’s an awesome idea!!

  4. I love your little ‘tablescape’! Adorable! And I hope you don’t mind, but next year I think I will borrow your idea for planting cress seeds in eggshells. Fabulous! We made candles in egg shells this year (clean the shells, dye them if you wish, then pour melted paraffin into the shell, and add a wick), which were super cute, but I think a mix of both would be even better. Great idea!

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