Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Ready, Set, Go!

Kids Clothing Week Challenge with Elsie Marley is here! Yesterday was the first day of the week where we commit to sew for one hour each day.

My very modest but realistic list for the week included a pair of spring trousers, a vest (both from Ottobre patterns) and a sun hat for Kaya.

Well, it is now Tuesday, and I am more than half-way through my list. Umm… the reason being that it is very hard to stop sewing after one hour, when you could just do that one little thing still… and that one… and oh, it’s just another buttonhole really. And who needs sleep anyway?
I admit, I did start a bit early. I had planned to cut out patterns and fabric pieces on the weekend to have everything ready for a good start on Monday.
So I started cutting the pieces for the shorts, and when that was done… I couldn’t really stop there, with all those inviting pieces of fabric, and all the potential they were holding, and all the wonder of what they might look like with some thread holding them all together.

Oh the magic of sewing.

To cut a long story short, I did get a good head start on the sewing. I thought there was only a little waistband sewing needed to finish it off – but the technique that came with the pattern just didn’t work for me. After three attempts and countless ripped up seams, I decided to just do it another way. So I used some ribbing that I had for another project (trusting that it would all be enough in the end – I was in no mood for checking at the time). I made the waistband in the same way as for Kaya’s Majava Pants, which is also where some of the leftover corduroy came from.

This pattern is the Pirate Bermudas from Ottobre Summer 3/2011. I used Washed Fine Cord in petrol, green and royal blue, and ribbing in lime and turquoise stripes. I lined the pocket flaps with little pieces of owl-print cotton that I had left over from another project.

Kaya was very pleased with them, especially because of the pockets. I’m already looking forward to the little treasures we will find in them at the end of days full of little boy adventures.

And then… last night I thought I should just cut out the fabric pieces for the next project to get a good start today… but then when all these yummy pieces were spread out in front of me… hmm…. sounds familiar?
I sat down at the sewing machine once Kaya was in bed, and basically didn’t get up until I went to bed myself.
So project no. 2 almost finished. I’ll tell you more about it when its done.
That is, once I’ve figured out how to shorten zips. I’ve just watched a video about it on youtube and the gentleman made it look very easy, but then he probably has been pulling out zipper teeth all his life. So. I’m off to find my husband’s pliers from the garage. Wish me luck!

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11 Responses to Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Ready, Set, Go!

  1. kristin says:

    i love those shorts! they look so cute and comfortable. i’ve never tried a pattern out of ottobre, but i see very cute things popping up from it on various blogs all the time.

    (i started cutting for KCWC this weekend, too – wanted to hit the ground running yesterday!)

    • Oh I love Ottobre patterns – mostly because I have a boy and it’s kind of hard to find sweet and funky patterns for boys – but there is always something to be found in their magazines! (for girls too)

  2. Az. Small Business Network says:

    Oh my goodness are those shorts cute! Love them and they look like so much fun! What a good mom you are. I think about pulling out my sewing machine quite often but it just stays tucked away. One day it will come out and join the world again. Happy sewing!


  3. Carla says:

    I love that vest, the owls are too cute! And the detail on those shorts? I aspire!

  4. Angie says:

    Those shorts are great! I have never done the waistbands the way Ottobre usually recommends… drives me nuts, plus I like to be able to adjust them or replace the elastic in years to come. I love the fabrics you have used… all looks so bright & spring-like.

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  6. Nicole says:

    Oh, I love the things you’ve made! The trousers are fab and the sleeveless jacket looks really great with different fabrics you used. I’m sure your little man is very proud 🙂

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