I’ve recently started running again. I’ve been six times in the last two weeks!
Once upon a time I used to exercise… But that’s been a while.
That became very much apparent when I put on my exercise pants for my first run, and constantly had to pull them up: The elastic had been completely worn out, which means I hadn’t worn them since I was pregnant and attempting some pre-natal yoga and fancy things like that… um… that’s just a couple of years ago, really….

What started me off was my sister starting to run. She over-did it and got some horrible infection in her legs, but now she’s fine and back on track.
This taught me two things: 1. I can do it, too and 2. You don’t have to run a marathon on your first day (which is probably what I would have attempted in my enthusiasm. I can be like that).

My mother sent me an exercise program which is wonderful. Running alternates with walking, and very slowly you build up to longer stretches of running. You go three times a week for about half an hour, which I’ve even stuck to so far.
It feels so achievable, it’s something but not too much, so you actually do achieve something, and that’s what makes it great.

Now that it’s still light when Kaya goes to bed, I can go out in the evenings.
I love this time, just me, my music, the road (mostly empty, thankfully). The muffled thud thud thud of my shoes on the ground.
Half an hour just to myself.
I casually wave hello to the sheep in the field who look at me as if they’ve been waiting for me to jog past.
I love the air, my swishing ponytail, the views I am so blessed with, the wind, and the feeling that I am doing something for my body again.  And for my soul.

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13 Responses to Running

  1. Good for you! Sounds like this was a very good run for you.

  2. Cory says:

    “I love the air, my swishing ponytail, the views I am so blessed with, the wind, and the feeling that I am doing something for my body again. And for my soul.”

    YAY! Good for you! SO important to take care of our bodies and minds. I was never a runner but it sure sounds nice…

  3. mitambien says:

    Good for you! I have been trying to stick with a walking dvd that is really fun and does this grandmas body good.. Happy running!

    • You know, I do have a thing for exercise DVDs. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t make any of the yoga classes, and I’m not really one for exercising in public much, so really enjoyed hopping around in my sitting room. You enjoy!

  4. Wonderful. It’s a good thing.

  5. Tracey says:

    I just started running again too. I am preparing for a marathon being held in October. I need a Lot of practice!

  6. deopatriaeamicis says:

    Just found your blog through Ginny’s yarn along and had fun browsing through your beautiful knitting projects and photographs. Out of curiosity, do you happen to know the name of that running program? I’ve always played a lot of sports but been bad about any kind of regular running. A program like that sounds like a good way to work into it gradually.

    • Hello there and thank you! Unfortunately I don’t know the name; my mother sent me a the plan scanned from a copy; and she only had the photocopy sent to her by a friend, and so on. But I’ll send you an email tomorrow – I really love this one, because it builds up so gradually you achieve a little bit every time you go out. It’s called “Running without Panting”, which sounds a lot better in the German original, since it rhymes!

  7. Oh, this was so good. Good for you! Isn’t that down time so good for your brain? I know running is good for our bodies, but nothing beats the think time on the run. Yippie! So glad you’ve caught the bug.

  8. Diana says:

    I just went back to read this post and wanted to say what a beautiful description! I’ve recently been creating an exercise regime for myself which I don’t even want to mention to my nearest and dearest in case, out of loving support of course, they make suggestions which I think would just dishearten me right now and I’m just so pleased to read how you are starting a little at a time as that is what I am needing to do too. All the best with it! xx

  9. niasunset says:

    “I love the air, my swishing ponytail, the views I am so blessed with, the wind, and the feeling that I am doing something for my body again. And for my soul.”

    You expressed so nicely, Svenna, I am glad that you started again. To feel the wind should be so nice… Greetings and Love, nia

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