Taking a moment

Some weeks, there is so much happening that I can feel how time is slipping away. Another day passed, another week gone, another month half-way finished.

But then there are moments like this.
I spent part of the morning trying to finish a project for Kaya, but having him try it on was just about as impossible as taking a picture.

Just as we were about to leave for swimming, he needed a new nappy -although he was extremely reluctant! Once that was done, he insisted on taking his new lorry along. A very generous gift from a friend, this lorry has been eating and sleeping with Kaya. But it is huge! And with child, swimming bag, snack bag, hand bag etc. in the buggy, it was just too much. But how to explain to a two-year-old….
Finally on the way to swimming, which is a forty-five minute walk, Kaya threatened to nod off. Sleeping in the buggy means to nap time. No nap time means no time to get things done. Out of the buggy he came to walk. Which was just a tiny bit slower than the pace I was aiming for.
Now with all that behind us, Kaya asleep in his bed, I managed to sit down. And could not find my notebook. The book that holds all my lists and plans, all the information I need to get through the day. I have no idea where it’s gone.

So, I decided not to look for it just now.
The really important things I trust I will remember. The things I forget can wait.

I can sit here and take a moment to be grateful for the birds that I can hear singing outside. The sunshine filtering through the window after a rainy weekend. The busy morning we’ve had and the quiet hour I am having now. Just not do anything for a few minutes and breathe out.
Be grateful for a little whirlwind, who has grown so tall! – And a cuddle with a tired baby.


I hope you also have the chance to take a moment every now and then…
See you tomorrow for Yarn Along – hopefully with less blurry pictures!






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9 Responses to Taking a moment

  1. i recognize those blurry photos! every time i try to photo my almost 3yo they all turn out a blur because he can’t stand or sit still 😉 i do especially love the last photo though – so sweet!

  2. thor27 says:

    Welome to the traumatic twosies. Everything except sleeping is on their agenda !!! Come visit my blog sometime.

  3. Rachel says:

    Glad you’re enjoying these moments, Svenna. Thanks for the reminder to breathe out.
    Love that last picture – and I love Kaya’s Hungry Caterpillar shirt!

  4. Kate says:

    Those are the most wonderful moments! It’s not a bad thing to lose the to-do list from time to time 🙂
    Enjoy your quiet time!

  5. Tracey says:

    I think you picked the best thing to do…holding your wee one!

  6. Linda says:

    I’m thinking a forty-five minute walk seems pretty long!

  7. niasunset says:

    I love your photographs, they almost talk! And your knitting project seems so nice and so inspirational. It was a nice moment to be here with your sharing, as if I heard the birds too. Thank you dear Svenna, have a nice and enjoyable day, Kaya is great and his t-shirt amazing! Blessing and Happiness for you and for your family.

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