Love the rain

I went for my run yesterday evening – even though it was raining.
I was so very impressed with my discipline, until I stepped outside and it was really, really raining! But once I was mildly soaked I began enjoying it. There was something quite lovely about just running through the rain for the sake of running, and not in order to get out of it under a shelter.
I felt the rain on my face and somehow felt so much closer to it.

I tried to avoid the pitying looks of drivers in their warm and dry cars, who probably thought I was some sort of exercise maniac – thanks, I’m not, I’m just enjoying the rain on my face.

The whole thing almost had a romantic-comedy kind of feel to it. Like I should get a great reward at the end of it. Like finally, completely soaked, meeting my one true love. Like in the films.
But seeing that I am lucky enough to have already done that, I settled for a hot shower and ice cream. The hot shower became even more appealing than the ice cream as I got wet and wetter, who’d have thought?

Should I mention that I later finished the whole ice cream tub all by myself? Maybe not…

This week, I hope you will get a chance to feel the rain on your face and savour it, and treat yourself to something special every now and then..

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7 Responses to Love the rain

  1. Diana says:

    lovely description again! and it encourages me out into the rain myself today to do my exercise 🙂 my treat today is 4 polish chocolate-covered plums… too yummy… just as well i only got 4! xx

  2. Az. Small Business Network says:

    “I finished the whole ice cream tub all by myself.”

    This will be our little secret girlfriend, I won’t tell.

    Glad you had an enjoyable evening, despite the rain.

  3. This has to be one of my most favorite posts that I’ve ever read since joining the blogging world!! I just love the way you write. If it had been me, I think I would’ve felt the whole romantic-comedy thing, too!! Tooooo funny!!!! Have a wonderful day and I promise I won’t tell anyone you ate the whole tub. We’ve all been there!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. niasunset says:

    Dear Svenna, you are doing great, this is admirable. I don’t have any idea about running under the rain. Once I swam while it iwas raining and I never forget this. But don’t eat all ice-cream 🙂 Thank you,
    Have a nice day,
    with my love,

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