Obsession of the day

So. This is what happened today. I went into the garage and rummaged through my craft supply boxes in search of fabric paint I thought I had. I didn’t find any, but I found this: a big stack of Dry Transfer Lettering. Such a boring name for such a wonderful thing.

They were just what I needed to spice up a new collection of greeting cards that are in the making for the shop. I can’t remember what I used them for, but I’m guessing Christmas cards. Or Wedding invitations? Can’t remember.
Do you know them? You just rub the letters directly onto the paper. Easy, quick, perfect. I just love how simple the whole thing is, and how neat the finished product looks.

So that was my day. Sorry I never got round to posting until now – you know why!
Oh, and Kaya?
He entertained himself wonderfully with the blank cards garages.

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5 Responses to Obsession of the day

  1. love his creativity! and those cards are darling 🙂

  2. niasunset says:

    Beautiful… I loved them. It should be great fun, Oh dear Svenna, you should be my neighbour! I made my little fabric doll, last night. I put on my Blog http://acupofteawithnia.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/a-crazy-but-funny-idea/
    I am not so good as you, but I love to make these kind of things. Thank you, Greetings and Love to you both, nia

  3. I have some of those too, but never could line the letters up as nicely as you do!

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