First, I’d like to thank all of you kind people for your lovely comments on yesterday’s post. Both my dad and I were very chuffed!
I realise I didn’t even say what the book was about – I guess I got carried away a little. But more on next week’s Yarn Along. 

This morning we pulled back the curtains and were greeted by the loveliest of blue skies, with still a bit of early morning red glowing behind the trees and rooftops.
What a morning.
So we ditched all our plans, made sandwiches and headed out for a walk.  (The view above is not the view from our window, but where we parked the car and started our lovely morning walk.)

We explored, wandered, breathed in crisp autumn air, searched for the first leaves turning colours.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is forget all about your plans.

I am still carrying a little breeze with me now.
It’s alright that things got left. We still have a cloudy afternoon to pick up some of them.

It’s the time of late nights, making, packing, labelling: It is time for another craft market this weekend.

The next Shop Update will be ready next week, bear with me.

Here are a few dates of upcoming markets for your diary, if you are around I’d love to see you here:

  • This Sunday, 25th September, Craft Market in Ashbury Village Hall 
  • Friday, 18th November, Christmas Shopping Night in aid of Duke of Gloucester Playgroup, Cirencester, Bingham Hall
  • Saturday, 26th November, Christmas Fair in Wynstones School, Whaddon nr Gloucester
  • Sunday, 27th November, Christmas Craft Market in Ashbury Village Hall
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6 Responses to Planning

  1. Oh Svenna… I wish I could come and visit you at some of your dates above! Get a cuppa, sit and talk! It would be wonderful. Your knits are beautiful… here’s hoping your sales do well!

    The walk looks lovely. The sun is coming and going today, with a chance of rain. If it comes out for good, we plan on going out for a bit ourselves!

  2. niasunset says:

    How I wished to be there now, dear Svenna, ah!!!! Your crafts are amazing and I am sure everything would be wonderful, Have a nice Craft days, and weekend,
    Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. what a wonderful, impromptu sort of day. those are the very best kind!

  4. theladybird says:

    like this post so very much!

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