Pants – the first

It’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge, so there may be a little bit of a sewing related overload this week – you’ve been warned.

Ok, I didn’t just whip these up in the twenty minutes that Kaya’s been napping. I cheated. But it was totally necessary. The temperatures dropped last week, it was suddenly cold, and this boy had no long trousers that fit him anymore.
Almost none. But he really needed some. Not that I’d be sewing for fun or anything. Ahem.

I used to be able to hang Kaya’s clothes neatly on the doors of my desk thing here, and now look at this. Case in point. They are huge (with some growing room, but who knows how long that may last).

The pattern is the Orava sweatpants from Ottobre 4/2010, and I used a lovely and soft Cotton Jogging Sweat. The husband has requested I make him an adult size pair. Hmmm.. When’s Husbands Clothes Week Challenge?

I love the ribbing on the waistband and cuffs, especially if it’s stripey like on this one. I do love stripes. These pants were so quick and fun to make, and there have been no complaints from the little guy, so we’re all happy.

If you are looking for some, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found in the elsie marley flickr pool. Now I’m back to fighting with that pair of lined dungarees, but more on that another time.

Have a good start to your week, whatever it holds for you..


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8 Responses to Pants – the first

  1. meg says:

    these are the coolest sweatpants I have ever seen! Nicely done.
    HCWC, hmmmmm….

  2. niasunset says:

    Dear Svenna, in here the weather changed too, cold, dark and rainy… But it is always so nice to be at home with some works… Your new project is amazing, you did so nicely. The colours are beautiful too. And Kaya seems happy with his new pants. Thank you, and I wish you the same, have a nice and enjoyable new week, with my love, nia

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  4. sewinator says:

    I think they are adorable! I just made flannel Jammies for our little girl. The weather has gotten cold here in California too! It’s nice to have a different type of project to work on. I’m all geared up for Christmas now! I’ll have to try some of those sweats for my granddaughter.

  5. yolanda says:

    I´ve chosen this pants for my kcwc top 10. You can see the post here:
    good job! thanks for sharing!

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