Pants – the third

These pants came together in three hours last night. I had the fabric all cut and ready the other day, but it’s been busy.
Three hours wouldn’t have been so bad, only I didn’t get to start until eleven last night. But how can you stop when you’re so nearly there?

I quite liked the sewing time, in spite of being so tired and way past my bedtime. It was dark and quiet in the house, apart from the sewing machine rattling along. The lamp in this room is broken, so a little desk light and the tiny bulb in the sewing machine were my only source of light. Very cosy indeed.
My headphones wouldn’t work either, so I had some music playing on the lowest volume. Listening to my music and singing along (quietly, this time) is always a treat for me.

The trousers are the Majava Pants from Ottobre 4/2010, same as these ones I made last year. I added an inch around the outside of the pattern and a couple of inches at the bottom to make it more of a 3T size, and it worked a treat.
I made the whole thing a bit simpler (achievable goals is key that late at night) by leaving out belt loops, drawstring and pocket flaps at the back, but they still look very cute – I’m in love with mock flies!
I used babycord in grey and petrol for the outside, and the lining is a sweet jersey print, great for cooler weather.

Ah, it’s so much easier to make lined pants when the pattern you’re using actually is for lined pants. Going easy on myself here.

As usual, the waistband is too wide. How do I always manage that?
Sometime soon I’ll get out my friend the seam ripper and adjust the elastic. Until then, the little guy can wear his new pants just fine.

And how about those new shoes his dad got him yesterday – they fit perfectly in the colour scheme! Very clever.


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9 Responses to Pants – the third

  1. Ayana says:

    They are so cute!

  2. Tracey says:

    They are just adorable! I always admire people who can sew, I can’t. My mom tried for years to teach me, but my brain just doesn’t wrap around the process. xx

  3. Rachel says:

    You are amazing, Svenna! You are getting so much done. I love the pants (and the stripey sweater is irrisistable!).

  4. trula says:

    I know what you mean. The hard bit is to get started. After that it’s difficult to stop. Did you make the sweater as well?

  5. niasunset says:

    yes, you are amazing dear Svenna. I want these pants too 🙂 They are so lovely and your model is great. Thank you, with my love, nia

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