Autumn Bunting

First we collected some autumn leaves. Those are just from the garden; we probably could have gotten more fancy ones in the park, but we liked it simple that day.

We painted the leaves with fabric paint in brown..

..and pressed them on some flimsy white fabric I had left over from curtain sewing.

Some of the prints turned out better than others, but with masses of them there were more than enough lovely leaf prints for a little bit of autumn bunting.
I used pinking shears to cut out some leaf prints to roughly the same size.

I folded some bias tape in half, ironed it, and sewed a straight line down it, with the bunting pieces sandwiched in between.
I could have saved myself a lot of fiddling by pinning the whole thing together first too.

Ta da.

I folded the bias tape back on either end and made loops for easy hanging, but in the end we blu tacked it to Kaya’s bookshelf.

Got to love a bit of bunting..








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13 Responses to Autumn Bunting

  1. Love it, what a fantastic idea!

  2. Ellen says:

    Love this idea! So, fabric paint works well, huh?

  3. Rachel says:

    What a terrific idea! It’s looks very cute hanging over Kaya’s bookshelf!

  4. You’re so clever. This is really inspirational. x

  5. niasunset says:

    Beautiful, so beautiful dear Svenna! This is great idea, and your assistant (maybe I should say opposite of this) is great too. Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. Kate says:

    Very cute project! I love it 🙂

  7. Rain says:

    Beautiful! I’ve been trying to work out how to preserve a bit of this autumn beauty and so far, yours makes me the happiest 🙂

  8. Alyssa says:

    Wow! I love this!! What a beautiful job you both did.

  9. That is gorgeous!!!!! What a great idea.

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