Taking time

Do you read stories while pushing the buggy? I do. It helps keep the little one awake until we get home, and keep him in the buggy if we need to get somewhere.

This is another busy week and I miss taking time. Time to do anything, really. Time to give my undivided attention to something.
I always try to find a balance between Kaya’s pace and mine, or the one dictated by circumstances. This week is one where my list is longer than I care to think about.

I’m practising my skills at prioritising. Letting go of expectations, of the goals only I know about – because nobody else will hold me accountable if some things get done later rather than sooner.
It’s good a exercise for me.

Multitasking can be unavoidable, even satisfying. At other times it is plain stressful.
And on occasion uncalled for.
Since Kaya’s arrival, I have learned a lot about slowing down, letting go, and being. But I do need reminders to stay on that path.

I was watching my son put his socks on this morning. (Getting dressed is his new highlight of the day.) How much concentration and effort he puts into it – while I put my socks on, brush my teeth and check the news all at the same time.

So I’m thinking: Sometimes one thing at a time is quite enough. Sometimes nothing is quite enough. Keep it simple. A few more things are moving from my urgent to-do list to “some other time”.
Because with the things that truly are not urgent, there is nobody who will tell me off.
I used to do a good job of that myself, and still do often enough.
But I shall listen to that little guy who has been my best teacher so far.

Be mindful. Just put your socks on. Take a moment to admire your work. It’s good.


I hope you get a chance this week to take some time (for) yourself..

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16 Responses to Taking time

  1. LRO says:

    I rearranged e-mail address and did not get your posts for a few weeks, I sure did miss you guys, love the socks by the way he is such a doll.


  2. This is a lovely post. Very genuine and touching.

  3. swanski says:

    Love the mismatched socks. I always want to be more mindful in my day but it seems there is more and more that needs to be done. I find if I write it down on my list, it clears my mind a bit.

  4. a great post, a great reminder. and i love the mismatched socks! every time my son does that it always makes me smile.

  5. theladybird says:

    Absolutely love the picture of Kaya in the mismatched socks with these beautiful words “of the goals only I know about – because nobody else will hold me accountable if some things get done later rather than sooner”.

  6. niasunset says:

    I loved the socks… As always you are so nice with your beautiful writing. Thank you dear Svenna, with my love, nia

  7. Diana says:

    What a beautifully described remininder. Thank you Svenna. I so love how you take the opportunity to learn that being a mother presents to you, that you can see and are open to how much Kaya offers to you and how much you can offer to him by giving space to his pace and his ways. Bless you. Also, thanks so much for my absolutely lovely socks which arrived today so beautifully packaged as if a gift, which I guess is what they were to myself 🙂 They fit perfectly and I love the colour and also especially love the ribbing on the calf which is so snug. It is so lovely to have these lovely things to wear knowing how much care went into the making of them. xxx xxx

  8. Rain says:

    What a thoughtful and smile-inducing post 🙂 Love the socks analogy. My son is nearly 5 and I still feel like I’m moving in slow motion. Maybe that is the way it should be – as you suggest. but, wow! It really takes hard work! And lots of trust that at the end of the day, if your socks are still miss-matched, you gotta be grateful that at least your toes aren’t cold ;-).

  9. Tracey says:

    I love this post and feel it is so true for many of us! Now that I am older, I would tell my
    younger self to slow down, enjoy each moment, don’t worry about tomorrow! Sometimes I still
    have a hard time with that, but with age it gets easier! 🙂

  10. Carla says:

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Thank you. I needed this reminder, one thing at a time is plenty. Beautiful photos, powerful words.

  11. Rachel says:

    Such wise and wonderful words, Svenna…And a strange coincidence that we’re thinking along the same lines. You put into words many of the thoughts I’ve been tossing around lately. xo R
    P.S. Love that cutie Kaya!

  12. Linda says:

    That time when they are learning to put on socks is so cute. We so take it for granted doing it in a flash yet it takes them so much time and concentration.

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