Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for another yarn along today..


I didn’t get as far on my Christmas knitting as I had hoped for this week. Let’s just say I’m on ball 3 of 11…

I’m reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and loving it the second time round just as much, maybe even more after reading The Kite Runner.
There isn’t much reading happening either.
My parents’ houses are full of books. It’s different here in Turkey. Unlike when visiting my family, my husband’s family don’t read much. In the evenings you sit and tell stories – which is beautiful.

But it’s also nice to curl up with a book from time to time..

That’s all for today. Short and sweet.

Oh, and there is still time to enter the Mitts Giveaway! Comments will close tomorrow.

Happy knitting and reading to you all..

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18 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Taira says:

    I’m loving gray at the mintue – I am hoping to actually try and dye some yarn in a similar shade. Telling stories is great – what a lovely tradition they have!

  2. Mia Foley says:

    Sounds lovely Svenna, hope you’re enjoying your time away x

  3. Debby says:

    ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ is one of my favourite books, very sad but beautifully written. It amazes me how well Hosseini writes from a woman’s perspective. My husband was born in Iran and always talks about a similar tradition of story telling…I think the cultures are quite close in many ways. Have a wonderful time…it’s a very beautiful country.

  4. Tracey says:

    Sitting around and telling stories sounds nice, but I think having some quiet book time is needed too! I’m not as far with my Christmas knitting as I would like either…must keep knitting!

  5. swanski says:

    Glad you are having a nice visit. I cannot read when visiting family-I talk too much. However I can knit up a storm.

  6. Kate says:

    It sounds like a lovely visit – too much going on for much knitting although stressful with Christmas approaching is nice for a vacation with family 🙂

  7. Ellen says:

    Sitting and telling stories sounds much better in some ways than reading a story from a book – very interactive and personal.

  8. Rain says:

    I wish someone would read or tell stories to me while I knit. I know about audio books, but much prefer a live body. My parents’ home is like you describe there (no books) – except there the family sits around watching tv after dinner 😦 Enjoy your cozy times.

  9. theladybird says:

    HI! The color of the yarn is beautiful, what are you making? Or is it a surprise since it is Christmas knitting? Your trip to Turkey sounds wonderful and the special time of telling stories sounds like such a nice tradition it seems like that only really happens on holidays here, so often. Although, I know what you mean about needing some quiet from time to time just to gather ones own thoughts. Hope all is well and am really liking how you are posting about your trip.

    • Hmm.. very secret Christmas knitting, sorry. 🙂
      Having said about telling stories, now the TV room is not needed as a guest room anymore, there’s considerably less of that suddenly! 🙂

  10. That gray is splendid, my friend! I love the softness of the yarn!

  11. Rachel says:

    Hope you find some extra knitting and reading time this week – but in the meantime enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

  12. socksformum says:

    Well, the good news is that you have three skeins behind you! I enjoyed that book too although the circumstances of the book were solemn.

  13. Denise says:

    love love love that book, such a wonderful read
    gorgeous yarn, looks so soft and such a great colour

  14. Being on time with knitting?…wheres the fun in that lol. i really like the color of yarn, it is grey which I love but so soft.

  15. Lori says:

    sounds really lovely. beautiful grey. enjoy your time in turkey.

  16. I so wish that I could knit that well. It’s just not meant to be.

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