Postcards from Turkey III

..We’re off to the bazaar. Come along? But be sure to mind the motorbikes; they often find their way in here. Cars too, sometimes.

..Dried peppers, tomatoes, aubergines..

..The pastry you need to make Künefe. But I prefer eating out with this one!

..Handcrafted goodness. Someone is making shoes next door, and there are big bags full of freshly picked cotton down the road.

..Lets buy some fresh lokum, Turkish Delight, to take home. This vendor was a good friend of my husband’s grandfather and sells us a box of deliciousness made from carrots.

..Thanks for taking a stroll with me. See you soon..

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4 Responses to Postcards from Turkey III

  1. Saffron is so expensive here. I bet you can get it for a good price there.

  2. I came home from Istanbul with box upon box of pistachio lokum, and groaning bags full of spices about 10 years ago – the prices were AMAZING, especially on saffron! Turkish bazaars are just so wonderful, thanks for the tour!

  3. Tracey says:

    that market looks like an amazing place to shop. turkish delight is one of the favorites around here, but made with carrots? Interesting!

  4. swanski says:

    Thank you for sharing part of your journey. That looks like a fun place to hang out and maybe shop.

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