Back home

We are back home.
I bought milk and bread. Turned the heating up.
We packed away the summer clothes and got the winter things from the garage.

The laundry basket is still overflowing.
Dinner plans are pasta and pesto.

I had a stall at my first Christmas market the day after we arrived.
How did I manage to plan that so well?
It was chaotic, and not worth the effort, but I still had a wonderful evening catching up with a dear friend.

The lovely thing about having a birthday away is greetings and surprises waiting at home. 
Even a jar of “Kaya” from Singapore! What a nice welcome..


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8 Responses to Back home

  1. YAY! I hope you enjoy your kaya – best enjoyed with a thick slab of butter on your toast, which you then dunk into a runny egg (which has been sprinkled with soy sauce). Sounds grim, but like everything in Singapore it tastes like HEAVEN!

    Welcome home ;0)

  2. Anushka says:

    happy birthday and happy welcome home! what lovely gifts. but pray tell, what is kaya?

  3. Lynne18 says:

    Welcome home, isn’t it a lovely feeling?

  4. theladybird says:

    Yes, what is Kaya? And, please tell me how you like Rhythm of the Family? I haven’t picked up my copy yet ….

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