The Advent Calendar

I made these little bags for an advent calendar before Kaya was born. I remember that for some reason I’d put my sewing machine on our coffee table and was sewing away kneeling uncomfortably on the floor. Even more so because there was a huge bump in the way.
Why would I do that? Can’t remember. But anyway, I made these little bags out of leftover curtain fabric and some other scraps.
It’s always good to have a reusable advent calendar in the house, no?

I used to make advent calendars for my husband – growing up in Turkey he did not celebrate Christmas and he had a lot of advent calendars to catch up on!
Last year when Kaya was still tiny my two men shared the calendar, but I think the husband’s grown out of them now. Lucky Kaya.

December’s starting on Thursday (gaaah), so I’ve started gathering advent calendar fillers. I’m set for about half – the good thing is you can always add as you go along; the calendar doesn’t have to be all ready to go by December 1st.
So tomorrow evening I’ll get out my ribbon and tie the little bags to our sitting room curtain rod, because that’s the only place in the house where they look nice. (Never mind we can’t close the curtains until Christmas.)

We have sweet treats occasionally, but I avoid having too much of them in our calendar; there’ll be enough sugar highs come Christmas. Plus, it’s nice to have some little things that are still useful and pretty; that can be packed away in the Christmas box when it’s all over and be used again for decoration next year.

Here are some of the things in this year’s pockets:

  • little felt snowmen and penguins (you saw some glimpses here). Maybe the odd Christmas poinsettia? Kaya hasn’t seen them yet and he loves hanging things on door knobs and handles; and later on they can go on the tree.
  • one of our Christmas cookie cutters for an afternoon of biscuit baking.
  • ‘vouchers’ for a special winter walk, a trip to a carol concert. There’ll probably also be one for an afternoon of drawing Christmas cards, and (even more important) a trip to the post office.
  • edible treats: sesame snacks, a little packet of raisins (nicely wrapped they are suddenly a lot more special).
  • an invitation to an afternoon of making salt dough decorations and other Christmas craft sessions. I also want to fill up our bird feeders. (Last year I used lard with bird food, but I don’t think I can stomach the smell again, I’ll need to find a new recipe first. How do you make them?)
  • tiny wooden toys or decorations for the winter nature table. I picked up a few little things at last Saturday’s Christmas market. Our seasonal table also needs a few more gnomes I think, so they might as well arrive through the calendar.


Do you have an advent calendar tradition in your family? Do share!

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10 Responses to The Advent Calendar

  1. Tracey says:

    Your advent calendar is wonderful; I especially like the wooden toys.
    I think next year I will be borrowing some of your ideas!

  2. Anushka says:

    i love your bags and had my own last year strung on a clothesline in the house – but, mine were just paper. i filled them with similar trinkets and activities. i am not sure i’ll even get to it this year with the move. but, i did save the bags – even though they are literally brown paper bags… but, i am going to have to sew some one year. so cute! i hope you share more of your season with us on the blog.

  3. swanski says:

    The felted ornaments are like the ones my mom made for my advent calendar only not stuffed. Lovely ideas that you have for the month!

  4. Kate says:

    I am working on our advent calendar today! Nothing like the last minute! Hope you are doing well.

  5. Delia says:

    I love the idea of the vouchers, like the one pictured “Today we are making biscuits”. I’ve been thinking about our advent for my little guy, who is 14months right now, for next year, and I think that is an awesome idea!

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  9. This is lovely! We a have a simple one that was made by a godmother. As the wheel turns each day it reveals a bit more of the picture that opens up to the nativity and Holy Family. The children love their little glimpse each day. Today we got a full view of St Nicholas.

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