Not too long ago we carved the pumpkin that had been intended for Halloween. The pumpkin is the only way we mark Halloween in our house, but this year we didn’t even manage that. So the pumpkin waited patiently until we were ready.
Having its light shining in the darkness of a late afternoon was just as beautiful a month late.
I made my second ever pumpkin pie and was again surprised by how much we like it.

These days, I am feeling very reluctant to cook savoury food. Pies and biscuits all day would be fine by me, but I know I’m meant to feed my child the odd vitamin as well, so I do.
But luckily pumpkin is a vegetable, and, as Rachel declared, not just for dessert (with the recipe I’m going to try next).

I hope you’re having a light filled week, wherever it shines from..

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5 Responses to Latecomer

  1. Lynne18 says:

    Pies and biscuits sound good to me! I love the details on your pumpkin, especially the eyes.

  2. swanski says:

    Love your teeny tiny flakes on your blog 😀 Beautiful photo 🙂

  3. niasunset says:

    Lovely photographs you captured dear Svenna, Thank you, with my love, nia

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m a late visitor! I love that sweet pumpkin. So cute!

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