A time to list

It is time to give in to the list. I have floated happily in this little gnome workshop space of making things, but this morning I jumped out of bed ready to organise my head.
In not too many hours, we’ll be travelling to Germany to see family and friends, catch the Christmas market, celebrate. And I don’t want to feel like I’m forgetting something.
So. This is where I am at. Two lists; one To Do and one To Pack.

  • present for Mama: done. Needs wrapping
  • present for Papa: 90% done, take everything along to finish
  • present for Sister: tbk (to be knitted) in Germany
  • nieces and nephew: ???
  • Kaya’s quilt: Quilted, and front side of binding sewn on. Ready to travel and to finish hand stitching one evening.
  • Kaya’s vest: take along yarn, pattern, knitting needles, tbk in Germany.
  • also take along yarn for birthday jumper; print out pattern (it’ll be this one!)
  • (That was going to be it for little guy, but then we saw a sweet little fabric owl at a craft market last week (Kaya snatched it and carried it around until we left) … “I could make one of those” … it won’t even take long at all, promise!)
  • present for Mr.: done and wrapped
  • Remaining Christmas post sent this morning (although I’m not sure if it’ll get there by Christmas..)
  • Library books returned
  • Food needs sorting out: what to take, to leave here, to organise.
  • Laundry!!! Oh please dry quickly…
  • pay bills – the fun part
  • Oh, and then there is Packing That Suitcase..

I’ll be back here for Wednesday’s Yarn Along, until then I wish you all a bright start to this week..

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6 Responses to A time to list

  1. Anushka says:

    have a fun trip – schoone reise! i am leaving today too with two bags full of tbk stuff! love the new jumper pattern you’ve picked out for kaya. had to add that to my queue too! veil spass und frohe weinachten!

  2. swanski says:

    You forgot: Have a cup of tea and just catch my breath!!

    Love the list 🙂

  3. I’ve been finishing up my own list as well. It sounds like you have a busy week ahead, how exciting.

  4. Imene says:

    Wow!! you are making the elves in Santa’s workshop feel lazy!
    I am impressed by what you have achieved so far. Enjoy the holidays!

  5. barefootnmama says:

    Love this……. Sounds like you are a seriously busy elf…haha! Hope you find a little time to relax and breathe during your week. Sending love your way, Barefoot Mama

  6. Good luck on finishing everything! That star is stunning… do you have a template? I would love to fold a few!?

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