Slow new days

We welcomed the new year in a somewhat chaotic but happy way, with family in my sister’s house. Kaya slept peacefully through it all in his cousin’s bed, and only noticed that he’d missed the fireworks some time the next day.
I am looking forward to this new beginning of 2012.
We started slow.
A visit to the lake, the ducks, mild air, a cold wind, quiet days, late nights, and some yarn.

I am looking forward to new beginnings.
A deep breath, a little reflection, a little focus.
And some yarn.

After this first full year in this space, I would like to thank you all for popping in, every day, or every now and then, for a cup of tea and for saying hello. And I’m hoping to share the beginning and more of this new year with you all.
Happy New Year to you!

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7 Responses to Slow new days

  1. barefootmama says:

    “A deep breath, a little reflection, a little focus” those words ring true and clear with me today:) Glad to have found your wonderful space! Happy New year, Friend!!! ~~B

  2. Diana says:

    Thank you yet again Svenna for your beautiful voice on my computer. I don’t always write a comment but I read the vast majority of your posts and the tone of them has become something warming and heartening in my life. Thank you dear friend. May your new year bring you three many blessings and much wonder xxx

  3. Tracey says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I love to visit here and see what you’ve been up to and
    am looking forward to many visits in 2012.

  4. swanski says:

    Happy New year! I am glad to have found your blog and look forward to seeing what you are knitting this year.

  5. niasunset says:

    What a beaautiful post… Thank you dear Svenna. Happy New Year to you all, with my love, nia

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