Pancakes for us

When we were in Germany, Kaya watched Petterson and Findus on TV with his cousins. And his grandma. And me. They are such sweet stories.

How lucky that Pancakes for Findus was waiting for us at the library when we got back home. I had reserved it a while back, but it arrived just in time.

Since picking up the book from the library we have been reading it every day several times.
It is the story of how Petterson (who is called ‘Pettson’ in the English translation, but I can’t quite get used to that) and Findus, the cat, want to make a pile of pancakes for Findus’ birthday. (One of his birthdays, because he has three – more fun that way!)
This venture is not without obstacles, but in the end the two have a lovely pancake party in their garden.
Pancakes are my favourite food, so of course I complied with Kaya’s request for our own pancake party immediately!

We usually eat our pancakes with apple sauce, but Petterson and Findus have theirs with jam and cream.
Not bad at all!
(The book has Petterson’s own pancake recipe in the back, perfect for spreading the pancake love.)

We even have some batter leftover for another feast today, yay!

Happy weekend

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5 Responses to Pancakes for us

  1. Katie says:

    This post is lovely and a special read for me because my husband and I are raising our sons bilingual (English and German), but as non-native German speakers don’t have a lot of experience with German language kids books. We will definitely be looking for the German version of this book, if we can get it in the US. Do you have any other favorites you’d like to pass along?

  2. JenMuna says:

    such a lovely post!:)wir lieben pancakes auch und ich denke dank deines posts werden wir uns heute auch mal wieder welche gönnen;)
    alles liebe

  3. Oh, Petterson and Findus! I’ve made some American pancakes lately but after all Mamas (und Omas) Eierpfannkuchen is something I really miss. I’ll have to ask her for the recipe. Thanks for reminding me 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. enim sou says:

    Oh ja, Petterson und Findus – de Geschichten sind so charmant.
    … und ich hab jetzt auch Lust auf Pfannkuchen…

    Liebe Grüße, enim sou

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