The difficulty of simplicity

The ice has melted again, although it is still cold outside.

This morning, we had a silly list of errands to run – on foot – all across town, which sent our daily routine off kilter. I was surprised to see how much it affected me. We came home late, tired and grumpy – both of us. A little nap (also both of us) put the little guy right again, but I’m finding it hard to catch up with the day.

These days are busy. There is a sense of change, a spirit of the new. We have decided to start a big de-clutter which fills me with both excitement and anxiety.
Letting go is not easy. And it is not quick. We had a first run through the obvious, easy things to sell or give away. It feels so freeing, yet also a little overwhelming.

For us, one step at a time seems like a good way. One cupboard, one room. Slowly moving along. While I sometimes wish I could just get rid of a lot of things, I also want to be mindful about where they are going. So we take our time.
And in our days, I need to be reminded to take my time. It is lovely to tick a whole lot of points off your list in just a few hours. But if it ends up costing you the rest of the day, it wasn’t such a good bargain.

Tomorrow, we’ve taken a few things off that list. Do a bit of the necessary. A bit of the soul feeding. Go through the bookcase again (I’m finding this one very hard), clear a little space here and there. See if the ducks need feeding. Be home for lunch.


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13 Responses to The difficulty of simplicity

  1. Anushka says:

    i like your plan for tomorrow – necessary and soul feeding sounds like a good plan everyday. when we moved to st. maarten we sold our house and most of our furniture and saved only the essentials knowing we’d have several moves still ahead of us. the HARDEST thing for me to part with (aside from a whole host of ezra’s baby things – don’t worry i saved the most precious things) was our collection of books that filled two floor to ceiling book cases. the only ones i kept were knitting books and other reference books. all novels were donated to the library. i don’t have any regrets now though. the only regret i have sometimes is the baby stuff, but i’ve been very fortunate to have good friends passing things along to me this time. i’ve acquired everything i’ve needed through friends and family. good luck svenna!

    • We have thought about moving abroad in the past, and it’s such a big step to let go of so many things.. but you really learn what is important to you. Our purge won’t be quite so radical though! 🙂

  2. barefootnmama says:

    “While I sometimes wish I could just get rid of a lot of things, I also want to be mindful about where they are going” YES!! I realized about 6 months ago that I simply had too much stuff. I have been slowly working at simplifying my space ever since. Sometimes I wish I had the ability to snap my fingers and make it just go away.

  3. Leslie says:

    We, too, have had to down size. I first walked through my house and said ” this I am keeping” after that it wasn’t so bad. It’s been a year and a half and I’m ready to go through some of the things I kept. they are in storage (close) but I haven’t used are needed them, so it is time for them to be useful somewhere. I love ducks, and enjoyed your picture for awhile.

  4. Katie says:

    We are in the midst of a purge this month too. I started with my closet last week, which was really quite easy and, as always, fulfilling. But it is a big house ahead of me with lots and lots to sort through. One step at a time…It is what I am always telling my little ones, but I need to remind myself too.
    And I totally hear you about having errands put you off for the day. I try hard to spread out my errands so this doesn’t happen, but sometimes they just pile up and everyone ends up grumpy from it. When my husband isn’t working nights, one of us tries to make it out after the kids go to bed.

    • I always have to remind myself too to take my time – especially with things like these that do take a lot of time if you’re doing it thoroughly.
      I’ve gone shopping a few times in the evenings, and it’s a lot more relaxing if you’re on your own!

  5. JenMun(a) says:

    ein wundersvoller plan, ich liebe die leichtigkeit des abgebens, des ordnens und aufräumens.. und dieses “a spirit of the new”! ..oh ja das kenne ich, die kribbelt bis in die Haarwurzeln..ich bin so gespannt!:)
    alles Liebe

  6. Ellen says:

    It is difficult to let go of stuff at times. Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I’m attached to ….. (fill in the blank) Even the silliest little things. Books, yarn, craft supplies – those are most difficult. I must really declutter because it does make everything better. It’s nice that you do live close enough to be able to walk to do your errands (even though you say it takes a long time – as in how long?) If we went on foot around here, it would take us hours just to get to the grocery store (and we don’t even live in a rural area!). Don’t know if you posted about why you’re walking rather than driving? Is that part of the simplifying plan?

    • Oh isn’t it nice, once you’ve managed to let go..
      We live about half and hour’s walk from the town centre, but on this particular day I had to go all the way across to the other end, and it took several hours to go and come back. We have one car which my husband takes to work, and the busses never go when we are ready… so walking it is. We often walk even when we have the car available, but on some days the simplest way would have been to drive! 🙂

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