Clear-Out Part II: the Living Room

This week has been a busy one, but I carved out a little time here and there to make slow but steady progress on our clear-out.
Unlike the kitchen, the living and dining area in our house did not need a lot of de-cluttering. I carried a few boxes of unnecessary bits and pieces out of the kitchen; here, I was only worried about the books. I find it hard to let go of them. So that’s where I started, to get this part over and done with.
I emptied our bookcases, sorted the books by genre and put quite a few on the give-away pile as I went along.
I found it very inspiring to hold all them in my hands, so much wisdom, ideas and thoughts in all of these pages.

After a thorough clean, the keepers went back on the shelves, in a new order.
One of the biggest piles were the children’s books – both novels, many of them my old favourites brought over from Germany, and books about mothering, education and health. And, of course, knitting, sewing and craft books. Only a few of them will go to new homes, but most of them are so dear to my heart I won’t part with them.
The adult fiction section got a bit of a dent, only keeping the ones we know will be read again – meanwhile, there is so much wealth to be found in our libraries.

A big part of the clearing out of this room was reconsidering what we use the space for, and what we want in it.
There were quite a lot of bowls in our bookcase, and some hardly used wine glasses. I can’t remember if I put them in there for display purposes or because there was no space in the kitchen cabinets.
Well, there is space now and that’s where they have gone.
We also kept a box of Christmas things there, and one in the garage, so they are to be sorted and united in the garage.
There was also a lot of yarn, needles, felt and unfinished projects stuffed in all corners between the books. They all have been packed up and moved back upstairs with the rest of my work materials – although up there is a lot of tidying up in order.
(Our work room has become a bit of a halfway point for items on their way out. That means a lot of bags, boxes and homeless items. It’s hard to imagine order in this room.)

All the loose pieces of paper with knitting patterns and notes on them (and there were lots) have been hole punched and sorted into a folder.
Kaya discovered how to open the hole punch and take out the confetti, which he still empties and sweeps up in his little toy rubbish truck every now and then (which means it is really rather horrible and dusty by now, I’m trying to let it disappear bit by bit).

Slowly, slowly I can feel a breath of fresh air wafting though the house, one room at a time. I’ve had to let go of my frustration of not being able to get it all done and finished within a few days. I’ve had to learn to embrace this slow process, all the while listening to Coldplay sing “slow it down/ through chaos as it swirls”.

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2 Responses to Clear-Out Part II: the Living Room

  1. Gesche says:

    Du bist ganz schön ansteckend! So langsam kribbelt es mir richtig in den Fingern hier auch los zu legen…

  2. It’s so nice to see a young kid with so many books around him…

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