This weekend, we brought the picnic blanket out for the first time this year. The first load of laundry dried in the sun. The first two daffodils popped out in the garden.

Today is also our Wedding anniversary. We don’t do presents, but every year I make a little photo album and recap of the year.
The past few years, I made them online and had them printed as photo books, but there has been a request for back to handmade – so this weekend was all glue and dry transfer lettering and pens and ‘real’ photos.
(I’m doing this last minute. I’m procrastinating. I”m not panicking. I’m proud of myself)

Now Kaya is in bed and I’m off to start cooking a special dinner; my husband is picking up a film for afterwards on his way home from work. There is ice cream waiting in the freezer. It’s all good.

Weekending with Amanda.

I hope you’re also enjoying the rest of your Sunday,
and have a good start to your week! 

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12 Responses to Weekending

  1. what a great and relaxing way to spend your anniversary! we don’t do gifts either, just try to spend time together instead. i do love the photo book idea though!

    and k’s colors, we have the same ones and they’re fabulous for little hands 🙂

  2. swanski says:

    Happy anniversary!!! We do not do presents either. Just a dinner out (I sometimes get flowers!!). Love the homemade photo book 🙂

  3. Tracey says:

    Happy Anniversary!! How many years does this make? Along with the crowd, we don’t do presents either. I do love the idea of your book. I hope you enjoy the film and the ice cream.

  4. Happy Anniversary friend! We got outside this weekend too!

  5. Anushka says:

    what a beautiful idea! i do a photo book every year for ezra and it is one of his birthday presents. i like the anniversary gift too. if only money weren’t an issue – they do get expensive. i like the look of your homemade one.

  6. Corrabelle says:

    Happy Anniversary! We don’t do much either-but I like your idea of a yearly scrapbook. So sweet, and sentimental.

  7. The photo album is just a perfect token of love. I make mix cd, but when we got together it was the token mix tape with a customized jacket. Love what out love makes us make.

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