Hello, Monday

What are you doing here already? Wasn’t it only just Saturday morning?

Suddenly it’s Monday morning, and reality again. A rushed and busy morning.
Then tea and friends, a quick stop at the library for knitting inspiration.

Not that I really needed any extra ideas, at the moment there are already so many things I want to do, and I want to do them all now. All these little bumblebees buzzing around in my head. I wish the days were longer and I didn’t get need any sleep.

Speaking of which, the young man has decided it is the time to give up afternoon naps.
I know I have been very lucky he lasted this long.
For the past week, I have been introducing and reinforcing rest hour after lunch.
One hour quiet play time in our rooms.
So far with mixed success, but I am hopeful.

In the end, for too many things wanting to be made, nothing much did. A little sweet knitting time, and everything else has to wait for another day.
(After all, there is a little ice cream left.)


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10 Responses to Hello, Monday

  1. we did and still do the quiet time after lunch. i hope it works for you, it’s always been a much needed break for this mama!

  2. Gesche says:

    You must have the greatest library on earth, soooo many good knitting books, I am very jealous 😉 Oh and I know those bumblebees so well…
    I hope my boy will continue his lunch nap of at least 2 hours for many years to come…

    • They have a great system here where you can reserve online any book in the county’s catalogue, and pick it up from the local library. I always go way overboard though. 🙂
      Fingers crossed you’ll get to keep the naptime break for a long while still.

  3. Katie says:

    Lovely colors in all of your photos today. They make me so very happy.

    We just recently let go of naps here too (for my big boy, at least). We did the hour quiet time for a while and it worked pretty well, but we’ve got a new system now that makes me even happier. I actually wrote a post about it, if you are interested in ideas for the future:


  4. swanski says:

    Both of my kids gave up naps before three years old :/ I was so sad!! We did still have a quiet time in the afternoon. Lovely knitting, btw.

  5. My mom strongly believed in nap time. 1-3 every afternoon. I forget how long I kept at it. When I grew out of actually napping Mom still inforced a two hour rest time in my room.

  6. rachel says:

    Oh, it is sad when those afternoon naps are outgrown. My nearly three-year-old is giving his up. 😦 When he doesn’t nap him and his slightly older sister find far too much trouble to get into!!

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