Memory Lane

With our anniversary last weekend, we got the photo albums out again. Kaya saw our wedding pictures for the first time, which was funny (he didn’t quite understand the concept of things happening before he was born, and kept inquiring where he was).

It’s a pile of albums (that up there is not even all of them), because we had three weddings. With our family so spread out and not all able to travel to England, it seemed like the obvious thing to have one celebration in each country.

We got married at the local registry office here. We were living in Camphill at the time, and they threw us an amazing party.
Words can’t describe it. There were wonderful decorations in the community hall, delicious food, lots of friends and some of our family, and an incredible entertainment programme; everyone had worked so hard to make it an unforgettable day – all we did was get married.

In the summer following this, we packed up a car and drove to Germany. I picked up my white wedding dress (that was chosen earlier in the year; from the same shop where my mum got hers at the time). We had found a church with a lovely and open-minded pastor who agreed to do some of the ceremony in English.
So this was with my extended family, and one of my husband’s uncles who lives in Germany. My wonderful friend and witness travelled this part of the journey with us too. I got my church wedding, and afterwards we had food and dance near my ‘old’ home.

Afterwards, we packed the wedding dress in the car and drove to Turkey. This was the second time we’d made this journey by car, and I really hope we will be able to do it again some day.
In Turkey, we had a traditional wedding celebration (minus the actual ‘getting married’ part), with a henna party before the wedding, music and dancing in the streets, fireworks, too many relatives for even my husband to know, and dancing, dancing, dancing.

It was an intense and wonderful summer, and I am so glad we have these photos to remember those special days.

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12 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. niasunset says:

    Happy Celebrations dear Svenna, Nice Senelere! Mutluluk, Sağlık ve Uzun Bir Ömür Dilerim Sizlere,
    with my love, nia

  2. What wonderful memories! My husband’s brother and his wife eloped two weeks after we were married… and then came home to Michigan and were “married” in a commitment ceremony a few months later with all their friends and family here. It was a great time!

  3. rachel says:

    Wow! What incredible parties you had! Three wedding parties in three country sounds amazing (and maybe just a little exhausting).

  4. Heather says:

    Three celebrations in three countries sound like the perfect start to a life together. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Siunie says:

    Wow,brings tears of happiness to my eyes just reading that. I know this year ahead is going to be wonderful and filled with happiness,x

  6. muirna says:

    just new to your blog looking around and reading a post here and there and then the word Camphill jumped out so nice to see a fellow (ex) camphiller – I was a staff child and moved back in when I had my children but have since left

    • Hello – how nice of you to stop by. Where did you used to live? We left two years ago, but have recently just moved down the road again – it’s quite nice to still have the connection.

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