St Patrick’s Day & Kaya’s Day Cards

We wanted to make some cards to send to friends, and with St. Patrick’s Day this week I decided to make a shamrock stamp. I love potato stamps; they are so quick and easy to make, the materials (a potato and some watercolour paint) are always there, and it’s fun.

Somehow our shamrock ended up having four leaves… whoops.

Kaya then requested a car stamp. “For my day.”
I’m not sure when Kaya’s Day is officially celebrated – every day, I guess.
The cars will make some sweet greetings to his friends.

You can see which day has more importance around here..

In any case, these cards will be good so send just about any time of year.
I like always having a few cards ready to send to people for no particular reason, when the mood strikes.

Do you still love sending and receiving real post?

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8 Responses to St Patrick’s Day & Kaya’s Day Cards

  1. Heather says:

    I love receiving and I am getting better at sending. Happy Kaya Day to you 😉

  2. Katie says:

    Lovely cards. I have never tried potato stamps, but have always wanted to.

    I have been thinking hard about getting back to for-no-reason letter writing. I used to be a very big letter writer, well past the time when others had given it up, and always loved it. You are giving me another push in the direction today. Thanks!

  3. Gesche says:

    Ooooh, das ist eine total süße Idee, ich werde gleich noch eine kleine St. Patricks Karte fertig machen für meine Freundin mit der ich damals in Irland im Camphill war, just in time! Danke! Ich liebe echte, richtige Post, aber ich bekomme nur noch sehr selten so etwas nettes, gerade zu Camphillzeiten damals (1997) da hab ich noch täglich Briefe geschrieben und bekommen, und so schöne, hach, das waren noch Zeiten…
    Ach, und übrigens, schick mir doch mal deine Adresse an geschea(at), wenn du magst, dann kommt noch ein kleines, real easter package zu dir 😉

    P.S. und Ka(r)ya-Tag ist natürlich jeden Tag!

  4. barefootmama says:

    oh wow, how creative! You are so fun:))

    Have a lovely weekend, Sweet Mama! ~ B

  5. Ellen says:

    Oh sweet – a stamp for ‘Kaya’s day’ – that is so cute of him to say. Truly, aren’t we all like that a little bit? Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us had a day? 🙂 (I guess it’ birthdays). Very creative with the potato stamps.

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