The Springtime is ringing…

...the birds are all singing…

This Monday greeted us with wonderful sunshine, blue skies, and signs of spring all around us.

Sending you all a few rays of sunshine and whiffs of spring blossoms.


On a less dreamy note:

I’ve had emails from some of you saying you have been unable to leave comments.

That is really, really annoying, because I love receiving your comments so!
Apparently WordPress have updated their commenting system. If you have a WordPress account, you need to sign in before being able to comment.
There were a few bugs that prevented people who had signed in, or others who didn’t have to, from commenting – but these are said to be fixed now.

Please let me know if you are still having problems – thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you all – without any glitches!  


Happy Monday

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7 Responses to The Springtime is ringing…

  1. LRO says:

    Happy Kaya Day!!!

  2. enim sou says:

    Beautiful spring and sunshine allover – here, too. Lovely.

    Happy Monday.
    enim Sou

  3. corrabelle says:

    Love the hints of spring! We don’t have quite that many, but i’m determined to find a few today while out on our walk in the sugar bush.
    I found a simple solution to the wordpress issue…I changed my email address with wordpress to one that i rarely use. So now it no longer associates *this* email address with a wordpress account, and doesn’t ask me to sign in any longer.
    Nothing against wordpress….but I use blogger. I forgot that I had even set up a wordpress account!

    • Thanks Corrabelle, looks like some people are still having problems. I don’t know why they think they have to ‘improve’ systems that worked much better before they fiddled with them!

  4. Beautiful photographs!

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