Easter Giveaways – for us and for you

Today we came home to the most wonderful surprises in the post. The lovely Gesche of Kirschenzeit sent us a fabulous Easter package – not just the sweet little sheep we were so looking forward to, but also lots of easter egg dye (which is perfect, because usually my mum sends some over from Germany, but we haven’t got any yet this year!) and so many sweet decorations.
Admiring all the loveliness, Kaya (who of course adopted the sheep straight away) asked, “Are we very lucky?”. Oh yes, we are. Thank you, Gesche!

Which of course reminded me of the giveaway I have been planning and still not gotten round to. How is it possible that Easter is in ten days?!
Time has run away from me.
So quickly now, before it really is too late: Let me introduce our little bunny egg cosies!

The DIY kits are available in the shop now!
In the meantime, here is your chance to win your own set of bunnies, ready made for you (seeing that Easter is just around the corner, really).
All you need to do is leave a comment to enter. If you like, tell me about your favourite Easter traditions, I’d love to hear them!

The giveaway will close on Sunday evening, so I can send the bunnies on their way first thing on Monday.
Please note that, while this giveaway is as usual open to everyone, the bunnies probably won’t make it to a destination outside of Europe in time for Easter. But then, there is always next year!

Good luck!

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2 Responses to Easter Giveaways – for us and for you

  1. Gesche says:

    Also ich bin im Topf 🙂 So ein süßes Häschen würde sich sehr, sehr gut bei uns auf dem Ostertisch machen…

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