Today is still weekend, right? It’s still Easter. Such a lovely long weekend, I don’t know if I’m ready for the week yet.

Saturday was spent in the kitchen. Baking bread, Easter nests, cake. Dyeing eggs – although we ended up with just five eggs left to boil, after all that baking. Whoops.

Easter breakfast was very early with my husband off to work for the morning; but in the afternoon we all got to go back to the Camphill Community where we used to live, seeing friends, hunting eggs, eating some more.

Today we had the Sunday dinner we missed out on yesterday, lazed around inside with the rain falling outside (with the exception of a few wet walks with wellie boots and umbrella so Kaya could get his energy out). More food, more cheese cake – I think it’ll have to be salad for the rest of the week.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Weekending with Amanda.

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6 Responses to Weekending

  1. swanski says:

    Your Easter weekend sounds heavenly! I’m eating salads for lunch this week just to feel “better” after all those sweets!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your bread looks amazing!

  3. akismet-be7f3ecc0701b38eee01b1ab2e123c30 says:

    i love walking in the rain with my littles…so much adventure to be had! and your bread looks fantastic šŸ™‚

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