Thinking about sewing

It is time again, for this spring’s  kids clothes week challenge. This one crept up on me. The last two times, I was very organised.
If I was that organised this time, I probably would have picked out patterns already, maybe even done some cutting.
As it stands, I’ve done some thinking.

My de-clutter and clear-out, which I was hoping to have finished by Easter, is dragging on. But luckily, my workroom has progressed to a state where I can actually reach the sewing machine – which is a great improvement. I think I’m all set.

Only, Kaya doesn’t really need any clothes. What a shame that I’ve sized up last time. His Majava pants still fit (even these ones I made way back in December 2010 – just about, with the extra long ribbing cuffs rolled down), so do the sweatpants and dungarees.
The sun hat I made him last May is still going to fit him in 2025, no doubt.

The only thing I’d like to make him is a new spring jacket, like this one. But I already had to upsize the pattern last time round, and I’m just not sure if I can make my brain do it again just now.

So what is the plan? A little freezer paper stencilling, I’m thinking. Another duvet cover and pair of pyjama bottoms from an old duvet cover of ours that I saved from the big clear-out. Simple things.
And maybe one or two little things for the pumpkin seed? … Strictly speaking, maternity clothing could be included in kids clothes, right, as in the little one’s current habitat?
But I’m getting carried away. For that I should probably be a little more prepared than I am right now.

So I’m taking it easy, hoping that I will fir in an hour a day at the sewing machine next week (whereas last year, I found it a far greater challenge to stop after an hour or so!), looking forward to saying hello to threads and fabric again after the little break I had.

Are any of you taking part? Have you got any plans for sewing projects these days?

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10 Responses to Thinking about sewing

  1. Shara says:

    this will be my first year! In fact I really needed a notebook by my bed last night, as I couldn’t get to sleep with all the ideas swirling in my head! My 4yr old has said he doesn’t want me to make him anything:( So I’ll just be sewing for Mr 1!

  2. Katie says:

    I’d love to take part, but have to figure out if I have enough time to complete a project next week. I am still finishing up a project for the Feather Your Nest contest at Stumbles and Stitches…But some little clothes would be so much fun too. Hmm…

  3. Nope I have never heard of it but it sounds like heaps of fun. Keep us posted 🙂

  4. enim sou says:

    Ach, das ist ja toll! Ich wußte gar nicht, dass du auch bei der Challenge mitmachst! Ich freu mich, dich dort wiederzusehen. Mensch und ich bin ganz überrascht, soviel Genähtes von dir zu sehen, die Hose und die Jacke, einfach super! Bisher kannte ich dich ja eher nur strickend und backend ;).
    Ich selbst habe noch keine konkreten Pläne, außer dass ich allen vier Mädels zumindest ein Teil machen möchte. Heute muss ich mich dann wohl drum kümmern, sonst sind die nächsten sieben Tage mit Pattern-Suche vertan. Naja, ein Stück ist aber schon gut geplant, außer dass ich mich bei der Berechnung etwas vertan habe und die gleich noch korrigieren muss. Ist aber nur Rechnerei, nichts Schwierigeres. Also, dann –

    liebe Grüße! Enim Sou.

    • Tja, in den letzten Monaten war die Naehmaschine auch unter Bergen von clutter vergraben, als mein Arbeitszimmer eine Art Zwischenstation fuer Zeug aller Art gedient hat. Das letzte Mal, das ich was genaeht habe, war Kaya’s Weihnachtsgeschenk – ist schon eine Weile her!
      Ich habe heute auch vor ein paar Muster rauszusuchen und vorzubereiten, damit ich die Maschine auch wirklich benutze naechste Woche! Ich freu mich schon zu sehen, was du fuer deine Maedels geplant hast. 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    Svenna… where did you get the bird fabric? Is it something I can order online? I LOVE IT!!

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