Looking up

Today we had a day off. Well, my husband did, and he took us on an outing:
We went to see the planes at a small airport not too far from where we live.

There were drinks and snacks on picnic benches, other children to run around with (Kaya called them his ‘airport friends’), time for Mama to sit and knit, and of course lots of small aeroplanes and helicopters to spot. Add to that sunshine, and even I enjoyed myself a lot more than I thought I would at an airport!

* The second one is almost finished. But I’ll save that for tomorrow’s Yarn Along.
See you then!

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4 Responses to Looking up

  1. JenMun(a) says:

    I think my son would enjoy such a day at the airport as well;) how old is Kaya? I think they´re nearly the same age…

  2. Katie says:

    We had a small airport in the town where I grew up. I remember sometimes going to watch the planes come and go on dates in high school. 🙂

  3. Anushka says:

    this looks like a perfect outing for any boy. ezra would love this. one day we’ll have to do the same. love that blue and yellow plane.

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