After dropping my men off at the airport on Saturday morning (and even managing to pull myself together until they had gone through security), I went home to pick up my own bag and set off for the weekend.
I visited my dearest friend in Manchester, which was the best thing I could have done.
There was a lot of talking, eating, laughing, and waddling about the city.

We saw this exhibition about how cotton is processed from the raw material to a finished calico cloth, which was fascinating. Manchester was the first industrialised city and a world centre for cotton production.
It was also very noisy.
And slightly scary, considering how dangerous the work was, and how young some children were when they had to work at the machines.

There was also a knitting machine, which I’d never seen before..

..and a coat, made entirely out of thistledown.

Now I’m back home, I am starting to enjoy the quiet, starting to get used to sleeping on my own again for the first time in years. Really, catching up on sleep lost over the past few years.
There will be time for knitting and watching films and keeping my pyjamas on. That really takes some getting used to.

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6 Responses to Cottonopolis

  1. swanski says:

    Enjoy your alone time!

  2. lmarshal says:

    Enjoy your time alone! I enjoyed the textile tour, especially the thistledown jacket!

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Hi. I have been to that exhibition too in June, it was brilliant- I will put my pictures up tomorrow when I have a bit of time on my blog, if you’d like to check it out.

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