Home Alone

I am starting to enjoy the perks that come with being by myself. It’s been three and a half years, at least, since the last time that I slept alone in a bed, that takes getting used to.
I am really not a morning person, but my little guy is, so it is a rare treat to be able to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings.

Reading in bed with a cup of tea next to me, I almost forgot what that’s like.

I’ve also forgotten how much you can get done when you have several hours of uninterrupted time.

Knitting projects are strategically placed all over the house. I seem to be casting on for a new thing every day. Not that I’m actually finishing anything.

Catching up with everyone’s yarn along – not just a quick peep during rest time or in the evening.

Keeping busy is also a good way not to miss my guys too much, although of course I still do. Thanks to modern technology I’m being kept up to date about their days, and even get the odd photo sent to my phone. I know they are doing well. But I swear Kaya has already grown since last Saturday.

I have a list of things to do, in case of cabin fever. There are projects to make, places to go, sheds to clean. There’s also things like pyjama days and getting a pizza delivery on there.
I took a very long (and very slow) walk yesterday, I’ve been eating whenever I’m hungry.
I am trying to make the most of this time I have, but also, I really can’t wait for my family to come home.

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13 Responses to Home Alone

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I can so empathise with you, a few days alone to recharge batteries and then dirty laundry and it’s like they were never away! Happy days. Bet it feels quiet too.

  2. Katie says:

    Oh, you are so lucky to have this time. The only time I have had to myself in four years since my oldest was born was a weekend away for a family wedding, where I was most definitely not by myself or catching up on rest. It was still a great time, though. Enjoy the rest of yours.

  3. Heather says:

    I think your last sentence sums it up so nicely. I love a bit of quiet time, but I do so look forward to the return of the craziness.

  4. Tracey says:

    When my babies were small I would last about 20 minutes with them out of the house then I was crawling the walls. Now, at this stage in my life I have all the time I want , but geesh, I really miss have all my babies at home. I hope you enjoy your time and are able to get some rest.

  5. Anushka says:

    oh enjoy yourself – sounds like you are! my favorite is the reading in bed with a tea beside you! of course any yarn pictures excite me too… i have some to share soon because i have replenished my stash greatly these last two weeks shopping at my favorite yarn store where i’m visiting my dad. i’m so excited! i know you can relate… take care svenna! how much longer till the baby comes?

  6. reneevlast says:

    It all sounds so lovely! Enjoy your productive and uninterrupted ‘me’ time. Like you, those times are few and far between for me…but when my husband takes Bea away for an hour or two to give me a break I always feel there is something big missing!

    Enjoy and catch you soon x

  7. swanski says:

    I think you are enjoying your alone time quite nicely as you miss your guys. Get as much done as you can because before you know it they will be back and you will be swept away to your regular filled life!

  8. niasunset says:

    Sounds it is so nice… You have your own time now… Have enjoy, dear Svenna, days pass very fast… I loved your fabric piece, is it going to be a table cloth or…? Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

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