The littlest Quilt

This quilt is my fourth and the smallest one yet.
There are oh so many reasons I love this quilt.
Mainly, because its components have already added their little stories to it.

You may recognise the little squares – they are all leftovers from the quilt I made for Kaya last Christmas. I couldn’t throw any scraps away, so the only ones left now are really teensy.
These favourite fabrics are made by Westfalenstoffe in Germany, very close to my hometown. They are from their classic collection that goes back many, many years.
I am very happy to have them around a little more with this quilt!

The backing is a bamboo and organic cotton velour that I bought in bulk many years ago. (I used it for this, this and this.) It is the softest fabric I know – so, so cosy.
It was also a great pain to work with in this project. Pin it as you will, it is going to end up where it’s not supposed to be.
Did I mention that it is also really hard to rip out seams because it’s so soft and fluffy?
In the end, I embraced the uneven bits and the pinches – that’s handmade, right?

The wadding was leftover from this quilt that I made as a wedding gift for my friend.
The quilting thread I used was leftover from my first quilt that is at home on our own bed.

The border fabric is A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda.
I bought it ages ago when I first saw it and have been waiting for the perfect project ever since.
I was going to go with a plain red or blue border for the quilt, and wasn’t too sure about cutting into this little treasure at first. But I like the grey contrast and how it picks up the red.
The quilt turned out quite a bit bigger than intended because I wanted to show off the print, so now it measures 95 x 87cm.

The only thing I bought new is the binding, because I was too impatient in the end to make my own (again).
I love binding a quilt, it’s like putting a picture in a frame and seeing how it transforms it.

There is nothing fancy about this quilt, I never seem to venture out into complicated patterns. I like my little squares and straight lines.
Kaya’s quilt has a little dedication on it, and the date I made it. I’ll have to add one to this quilt too, later, when the baby is here. And has a name.

I am joining Tricia’s Stash Bash today. She is also sharing a quilt she made for her baby!

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18 Responses to The littlest Quilt

  1. nanacathy says:

    Gorgeous quilt. I love Red Riding Hood! I followed all the links to your other projects. I adore all those quilts. I am almost tempted to have a go myself! And I saw the strippy socks which are so happy! It was sheer delight after a hard day’s work to come home , have a cup of tea and enjoy this blog. thanks.

  2. Mary says:

    I love your little quilt!!! All the fabrics are lovely, but I especially love the border fabric- I totally understand why you were reluctant to cut into it!

  3. It’s just so special – I wish I knew where to even start making something like this. You’re a clever Mummy!

  4. Kate says:

    It’s wonderful!

  5. Gesche says:

    Och Svenna, der ist ja wunder, wunderschön!!! Einfach rundrum perfekt! Ich habe auch einen Quilt fürs Baby in Planung, mit afrikanischen Stoffen, Ich hoffe sehr, ich finde dazu die Zeit und Kraft. Aber dein Post war dafür wahre Inspiration! Danke!!!! Und ganz liebe Grüße, Gesche

  6. swanski says:

    It is gorgeous! I love your squares and straight lines and I adore the red riding hood bits 🙂

  7. Oh Svenna!!! I am in love with your quilt. I love the walk in the woods!!! Must have that fabric and I love that it contrasts so beautifully with the red white and blue. Bravo!!!! Just wonderful and quite the lucky receiver. I am glad you said something about the velour. I have the same organic velour and has considered using it to back Christmas quilts but I am not a good quilter so I will use something else.

    • I much preferred to use it in the smaller projects made before – having said that, it is rather lovely as a quilt backing! So soft. But I wouldn’t really want to stitch it again.. 🙂

  8. polwygle says:

    I love your colours! And congrats on completing another quilt!

  9. Shara says:

    Love, Love, Love! So beautiful! I really love the Walk in the Woods print!

  10. Leslie says:

    Sweet quilt. I love to bind my quilts by hand. It is that last good-by. It is stitching the final warm thoughts and blessings for the receiver of the quilt.

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