A little impromptu chalk art along the lattice in our garden.
The slugs have eaten all my attempts at growing herbs. Now I am spending a little time every day knotting the clematis so it may join the climbing rose growing next to it.

My husband had a day off today, and while the boys were watching Formula 1, I spent half the day making a potato salad. Not because it was very elaborate, but because the preparations were interrupted by calls on skype with the family, bits of hat knitting here and there, and a lot of plum sampling (freshly picked from the garden. I’m so happy we have a plum tree).

I didn’t make the salad how my mum does, so somehow it wasn’t quite right.
The plums, however, are perfect.


Weekending with Amanda.
How has yours been?

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11 Responses to Weekending

  1. lucky you to have a plum tree! nothing like a fresh from the tree, still warm from the sun plum 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    I have to second Amanda about the plum tree, how wonderful. We had several wild plum trees on our property, but they were growing in a bad place and had to be removed.

  3. Debby says:

    I seem to spend more time moving slugs from one part of the garden to the other than gardening at the moment…at least it proves we truly are organic! Our little plum tree hasn’t produced any fruit this year…but there are amazing big black juicy ones at the market that are amazing.

    Enjoy your perfect plums.

  4. swanski says:

    Everyone one in my family each has their signature potato salad recipe, and everyone thinks theirs is the best 🙂 Love the chalk art-even as teenagers mine would go out and create an art scene!

  5. karen sue says:

    I’m 50 this year and I rarely make potato or macaroni salad, because I like my mom’s and I just ask her “can you make potato salad for Sunday lunch and she is glad to do it. A very healthy woodchuck has been helping himself to my tomatoes all summer! Some years you win, some you lose.

  6. OH, I miss plums… they are on my allergy list so I avoid them. 😦 Glad you had “perfect plums” to make up for the not as good potato salad!

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