This weekend was a first sorting of old baby things.
I can’t tell if I’m not a little too early for all this, but then, the rain will start tomorrow, and who knows when the laundry will have a chance to dry outside the next time.

A scrapbook of images in my mind of when Kaya was wearing these boiled wool overalls for our first outing alone. That vest on the last midwife’s visit at home. Those socks knitted by a friend’s grandmother.
One of my favourites, the little purple striped cardigan and hat my mother knitted for me. I came home in it from the hospital, and so did Kaya.

He helped with the heap of tiny handwash items soaking in his baby bathtub (which he still uses), working very hard all morning, rinsing and rolling clothes in towels.
Watching him work alongside me, I was thinking about how many (or few) of these weekends there will be still before our lives are going to change in so many exciting ways.

While the woolies were drying in the last of this week’s sunshine, a surprise visit by friends – one of them gave us the red overalls when Kaya was born. Now they are going to wait for the next wearer. The next first outing.
Good thing we’re having an autumn baby after our winter baby.


Weekending with Amanda.

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9 Responses to Weekending

  1. Peggy says:

    Oh, Svenna! Hasn’t the time gone quickly? The time since Kaya was born and wore these tiny clothes, the time since you sat in my kitchen and told me you were expecting… It’s hard to believe the wee one’s arrival is so soon! Your wee family is about to change so much.

  2. swanski says:

    Beautiful photo of preparing for your new arrival! I saved ALL the handknits for each of my kids. I’m hoping that a few will be worn by my future grandchildren and maybe they will be considered heirlooms!

  3. so close! i can’t believe it’s already time to begin sorting out baby clothes and readying for you new babe. i imagine k must be terribly excited. enjoy this time of readying and waiting!

  4. Claudine says:

    What a fantastic photo — the water dripping, and the sock still in the tub!

    Sending well wishes as you make preparations for your new little one!

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