Shop update

Now that September has arrived with the first whiffs of autumn, it is time to stock up the shop with woollies again!

My Mama Lore is the creator of our beautiful fingerless gloves, socks and adult hats, here modelled by my beautiful niece Sophia.

Tiny hats have been hopping off the needles and into the baby hat section.

New fingerless gloves have been listed in a variety of yarns and colours.

And Kaya is very kindly modelling the bigger little (toddler) hats.

(This is where one or the other hat intended for the shop doesn’t quite make it because a certain little guy snaps up his favourites!)

Do pop over to the shop for these and other woollies (like luscious socks) and non-woollies, as the shelves will continue to fill up a little before the colder seasons, and before the arrival of the little babe that will no doubt take my attention away from the knitting needles for a while.
I also just noticed that it is Stitch & Purl’s second birthday next week – I opened the shop on 23rd September 2010 –  I shall have to come up with a way to celebrate that!

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2 Responses to Shop update

  1. reneevlast says:

    That’s so funny, Svenna! I was just thinking that Bea will need a hat soon (and I am not sure how quickly I can whip one up), so was thinking of checking out your shop! And here’s your update 🙂 Will have a look. Good timing, huh?

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