36 weeks


We are nearing the home stretch..
Days before my last appointment, baby turned head-down, thank you very much.
The little bottom is still pushing right into my ribs though, so sitting down isn’t great. And let’s just say my back and I are not on good terms these days.

We washed the littlest baby clothes, and the bag is packed – well, almost. I have a list. Baby has a drawer in our chest of drawers, and a clothes rail in Kaya’s wardrobe.
My little kitchen helper and I have started cooking and freezing ahead.
I get stopped in my tracks by twinges, and waddle on.

We are preparing.
Although it still feels a little unreal, that which we are preparing for.

For now, there are more lists, little bits of this and that as they pop into my head.
And other, more essential arrangements, that do want to be considered round about now..


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10 Responses to 36 weeks

  1. reneevlast says:

    So exciting, Svenna! Sending over lots and lots of good, positive and warm wishes! Not long to go šŸ™‚ Take care.

  2. Good luck! It all seems very exciting šŸ™‚

  3. LRO says:

    Beautiful, I am so excited for you all!!! Take care of you and best of luck in your delivery.

    Big hugs from me to you.


  4. jenmun says:

    immer wieder ein Wunder!

  5. Peggy says:

    Svenna, you look absolutely beautiful, as always! Much love and best wishes to you for the birth and after. And a cuddle for your wee guy, please.

  6. niasunset says:

    Best wishes and love to you all dear Svenna. Love, nia

  7. Manchester Girl! says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful, xxxx

  8. swanski says:

    You look so lovely!! Any day now šŸ™‚

  9. Thank you so much, all, for your lovely comments…! xxx

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