This weekend was the long, quiet sort.
We made the most of the suddenly dry weather, exploring new footpaths and wandering, wet feet in spite of wellie boots (some of these fields have surprisingly deep puddles!), arriving home happy and muddy.

Trying to find a compromise between the little guy’s boundless energy and my fading one.

I can’t believe a week has passed, and indeed this weekend is over – the calendar that was so nice and empty only last week has suddenly filled up with last minute play dates and dentist appointments. There are things to look forward to, come Monday, but I’ll probably be more looking forward to the empty in-between spaces..


Weekending with Amanda. I hope yours has been a good one!

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12 Responses to Weekending

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    There will be another spring… :).

  2. What a gorgeous countryside you get to explore! I’m a little jealous… xo

  3. Tracey says:

    I feel as if time is flying by at a warp speed and really wish it would just slow down. The area you live in to explore looks so lovely and full of exciting places to see. Have a great Monday.

  4. jenmun says:

    oh ich wünschte wir hätten solch schönen Wanderwege in der Nähe..
    und ich wünsche dir viele viele freie und erholsame Lücken!

  5. i’m with you, a seeker of empty spaces and pockets of time. that wall in the photo is lovely – a great spot to sit and enjoy some quiet.

    hope your week is a lovely one!

  6. swanski says:

    do you live near a castle? How cool is that?!? Love the first photo too. Catch your breath as your calendar fills up!

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