Hello, November


How can November already be a week old?
October certainly passed in a baby haze.
We had out first family outing last week, to a local farm, for a Halloween trail and pumpkin picking.

We didn’t get round to carving it until November 1st, but nobody minded.

This week will be preparing for Friday’s lantern festival at kindergarten. The last time that I made a lantern was during my own kindergarten days, I believe. It’s been a while, but I remember it well.. The festivals that is, and the songs. Not so much the lantern-making. That will require some refreshing.

The rest of November will, I hope, see a beginning of Christmas knitting. After all these hours I have already spent on ravelry and yarn shop websites, I really do hope I will get round to ordering some yarn and casting on.
There will be more relatives visiting. I have been terribly unorganised, and unmotivated to organise, so I’m not sure who will come when, but I am hoping to welcome some more of my family soon, and then the Turkish grandparents will be with us in the end of the month.

So far the humble plans for November.. as the little bean gets a little older we may eventually venture out a bit more, picking up where we left off, resuming our routines, with the extra tiny person who joined us.

Or maybe not quite yet.


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7 Responses to Hello, November

  1. Peggy says:

    What a dear family, you have, dear Svenna! I so long to meet your new addition soon, before he gets too big (he looks bigger already!). See you soon. Love from me to Kaya.

  2. karen says:

    I love the last photo the very best!! So sweet and tender 🙂

  3. oh i vote for the not quite yet. looks like a cozy little life you’re leading right now – enjoy every moment of it.

  4. reneevlast says:

    What a beautiful post, Svenna! Take it easy and savour every moment. Enjoy the knitting too 🙂

  5. Darcel says:

    Time is flying. Love the babywearing photo!

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