This weekend was a little grocery shopping – but my Menu plan only extends until Tuesday, because I am hoping that my mother in law will by then have made herself at home in our kitchen, and feed us delicious Turkish food.
We’ve been cleaning and tidying, catching up with laundry and unpacking the second set of guest bedding for the first time, ready for the in-laws arrival tomorrow.

We had a rainy Saturday afternoon at home with the littles, crocheting a little bag as a birthday present for Kaya’s friend. The birthday party was today – great fun, but leaving everyone exhausted. There was nothing we could so afterwards but flop down on the sofa watching Formula 1 with the Mr.

The last load of laundry is just finishing, hopefully I’ll find a little more space to hang everything. Kaya has asked for a little bag for himself too, of course, so the crochet hook is waiting downstairs, along with a baby, still asleep on Daddy’s tummy, ready for more cuddles.

Weekending with Amanda..
How was yours?

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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. jenmun says:

    ich wünsch euch eine wundervolle Zeit und bestimmt werdet ihr fantastisch verköstigt;) ..oh ich mag die türkische küche sehr!
    liebe grüße!

  2. karen says:

    I hope your wishes come true and your mother in law feeds you delicious goodness!

  3. What a lovely weekend it sounds like you’ve had. I want to hear more about the Turkish food your mother-in-law comes up with… xo

  4. you know there is something magical about the mr.’s tummy for putting babies to sleep…it’s the one thing he’s done very well with all of ours!

    hope you enjoy your visit with the in laws and much yummy turkish food!

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