Hello, December







Kaya and I came down with a cold this weekend.
I am already getting better, but the little guy is still coughing and wheezing, and just fell asleep in his bed listening to Christmas carols.


IMG_8843We went to the Children’s Advent Spiral yesterday while Kaya was still up on his feet.
He walked the spiral with his candle in the apple, lit the candle, and put it down on the way out – all by himself for the first time.
Proud boy, teary-eyed Mama.




The decorations are up, and we managed a batch of Christmas biscuits on Friday.
But now we will take it easy for a few days, drink tea with honey and try to convince the little guy that it’s a good thing to rest a little when you’re poorly.





Happy December, everyone!




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5 Responses to Hello, December

  1. reneevlast says:

    Awww – well done, Kaya!

    Oh dear – we have a cold bug over here as well. Bea is poorly with a cold, cough and temperature and my husband has it, too. I am hoping I escape it as can’t afford to be ill. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope Kaya is better soon too.

    Beautiful Christmas decorations 🙂

  2. Anushka says:

    oooh! i love your decorations! explain the hanging advent bags please! hope your little one gets better fast and that the littlest stays healthy.

    • It’s our advent calendar – I made the little bags years ago for my husband because the poor guy never had an advent calendar, growing up in Turkey.
      Now Kaya has adopted it, although he’ll have to share it next year! It has little treats and fun activity vouchers in it.

  3. karen says:

    Happy December!!! I hope your son feels better soon and that the baby does not get it!!

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