IMG_0781 IMG_0774 IMG_0784 IMG_0786Since the baby was born, there hasn’t been much new in the shop. But these past few days my fingers have been busy with felt and thread and little stitches.
The first batch of needle books I made way back when was quite popular, and I recently found one last remaining one, that must have slipped the net of etsy listings.

So for the past few days, there has been a little pile of felt tucked away in a corner of our living room, waiting for those minutes in the days when both my hands are free.

I’ll let you know when they’re available in the shop, probably in a few days’ time!


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7 Responses to Stitching

  1. love the sketches i can see in the photo!

  2. These are beautiful. I can’t wait to see them completed and listed. I agree, the sketches are beautiful. I am hoping to learn to stitch this year. It is something I admire, but have never done.

  3. Renee says:

    Looking forward to these lovelies! You’re so talented and your shop so sweet 🙂 Your socks look great! I am planning on entering the world of sock knitting sometime this year…is it very difficult?

    • Thanks Renee! My Mama is the designated sock knitter. I claim that I am too impatient to knit the same thing twice. 🙂 Plus, she churns them out like nobody’s business and enjoys it.

  4. jenniferotey says:

    What a great idea! I miss doing embroidery – I’ll have to pull out all my things again 🙂

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