We finally had a little party for Kaya’s birthday this weekend, but more on that tomorrow. It was a lovely and lively Saturday!
“What are we doing tomorrow?” Kaya asked at bedtime.
“We could go for a walk perhaps?”
“No, I think I want to stay home. I need some quiet and peace.”
So that’s what today was, quiet and peace at home. Nobody even wanted to come grocery shopping, which I didn’t really mind. I was kept up to date with text messages about the state of baby nappies in any case, as I was walking the aisles by myself..

I hope the week ahead will continue as this weekend ended.


Weekending with Amanda.


p.s. There is a little February giveaway over on our Facebook page. Please do head over there, like and share, and you could win a £15 gift voucher to be used in the Stitch & Purl Etsy shop!


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3 Responses to Weekending

  1. Renee says:

    I crave peace and quiet these days too 🙂

    Alas – I don’t have a Facebook page anymore – I deactivated it around a couple of years ago. I do wonder sometimes if I should re-activate…

  2. the habit of being says:

    i love quiet and peace too!

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